I make a large half-gear on solar panels for 250,000 rubles (1 part)

    He developed a rather complex design: a half-gear for the international forum “Engineers of the Future”. It will be held in Orenburg. Earlier, in 2015, a similar design was already under Miass, but not so functional. I added solar charging panels for phones to it, designed the backlight and changed the configuration of the “teeth” of the gear - more realistic.


    So it was before under Miass: at least 5-6 people should pass under the “arch”.

    It all started with a trip to the Yantar summer camp, where the installation of this miracle was supposed. And now, I’m leaving for a place, and there the whole terrain is rugged: a lake, slopes, narrow paths. You will have to put the gear on concrete pillows with preliminary leveling of the surface. He calculated the estimate, estimated 250,000 rubles with a tail, but customers liked it.

    Initial photo reference. The print design will then undergo drastic changes.

    When I “defended” my project, I had to lay additional metal on the support frame in the estimate, because because of the large sail, the artifact can easily fall, with a gale, and crush ... a fox (as last time).

    The principle of operation is as follows: I have solar panels on the external surfaces of the gear teeth of the half gear, they charge the battery for 190 Ah, through the controller, it is powered by 7 W LED spotlights. And so on 4 USB ports - 5V / 2A each, for charging gadgets and mobile phones. During the day, the battery charges, discharges at night, everything is simple. Why not just conduct 220 V electricity? The fact is that I am currently engaged in the promotion of my project of solar mobile power plants (not advertising) and this design experience will be useful to me.

    Since our own pipe bender so far remains only in dreams - again we have to give the bending of the trade union pipe to outsourcing)), along with cutting and drilling of support sheets. In past times, Krovelson bent very crookedly (than tarnished his reputation), this time I’ll go personally to check.

    Order bending of professional pipes and laser cutting of the foundation for mortgages.

    At the initial calculation, I planned that there would be 7
    single - crystal solar panels of 30 watts each. Based on their size and designed the area of ​​the "tooth". But when it was time to make an application to the supplier (in Vladik), it turned out that only 3 units remained in the presence of 30 watts. I had to “finish off” the order with 50 watt panels - polycrystalline. In principle, the way it is even better, since mono - will be centered, in direct sunlight, and poly - at the edges to catch diffused sunlight. But, because of this, the dimensions of the teeth and the half gear as a whole have changed slightly.

    I plan to make concrete foundations in 1 day, together with the construction of the formwork. I'll start doing it next Monday. Let's see how it goes. The main thing is to pre-weld the mortgages. I will make the formwork from the OSB-plate moisture-proof, so that the concrete gains its brand strength longer.

    Each pillow will weigh about 200 kg, so I planned on each of 4 "ears" of fittings - handles for carrying 4 people. So until the time of installation I plan to move the manipulator. But when the customer wants to clean the structure, he will have to tinker.

    I immediately figured it out on 2 concrete bases, so as not to wait until one hardens and then break the formwork before pouring concrete onto the second base.

    As always, a fellow welder saw what I had piled in the Korel - a drawing of the frame, so he immediately wanted to go on sick leave. And this is despite the fact that he specifically called for this order from vacation.

    Drawing of a welded, collapsible half gear frame from a professional pipe 25x25, 2 mm.

    I think that the entire frame should be made of 2 farms. So that I would enter the door when I would sheathe composite panels.

    But, unfortunately, since all advertisers are limited by the sheet size of the aluminum composite 1.5 x 4 m, then UV printing will have to be done with joints on the front and back of the image. Moreover, the size of UV printing is a maximum of 3.2 x 2 m. I

    figured out how to “butt” the image printed on aluminum panels.
    Regarding the connection: if you connect all the panels through the MS-4 connectors, then a pretty branded price tag will come out, so I decided to do everything on the WAGO terminal blocks, especially since the design is collapsible. What I myself do not really like is that all the panels had to be connected in parallel. Oddly enough, all the solar panels and other equipment flew from Vladik to Orenburg in 3 days. Cool, very cool, delivery about 5 thousand rubles. (via MSC) by plane, using EMC Russian Post. I didn’t think that “our postmen” became so smart.

    Wiring diagram (without "chips"). I will fasten all the wires to the WAGO terminals.
    Also, I included 30 A Schottky diodes in the circuit so that at night there was no reverse discharge to the solar panels.

    Now, on the outer skin: I plan to plant all the composite sheets on the metal on the brass screws “flush”. But only the end panels. The front parts will be bolted from the inside to the PVC choppers, which in turn will be mounted on a metal frame. The only thing that causes doubts is anti-vandalism. For any youth from the camp (and there will be 1,200 people on the forum), they will climb into an art object - take selfies. No matter how bent. Do you think it will stand?

    Milling drawing with rolling.

    He laid a few details “in reserve” - for marriage.

    Everything, all the drawings are ready, the materials are paid and received. Starting next Monday, I’m starting to make the half gear. The time for everything before installation is 5 days. I will cover the assembly and installation in the second part. Subscribe - the most interesting thing to come.

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