How to make a billion by monetizing your data?

    There is data! A lot of data! About business, about the market, about competitors.

    But how many companies have earned billions from this? How to monetize data, which in 99% of cases conceals the most valuable discoveries about customers, processes and assets of a company? Why is data management a task in which the synergy of the IT department and business should be maximum, and how to organize processes at the intersection of technologies and departments?

    We decided to answer all these questions in the framework of five online programs at the SAP Summer Studio and we invite you to the first broadcast - “Data-Driven Enterprise for CIO / CDO”.

    Event program

    The transmission format is the concentration of profit, interest and visionary. On June 27, you will have a heated discussion of our bright speakers live on the most relevant topic for CIO / CDO - the value of the Data-Driven approach for business. The following questions will be on the agenda:
    What is Data Driven Enterprise, what is its value for key functions of the enterprise?

    • What is Data-Driven Enterprise, what is its value for key enterprise functions?
    • How is the role of CIO and CDO changing in the path of digital transformation?
    • Live examples of building Data-Driven Enterprise.

    It is about the Data-Driven approach and its value for the company that we want to talk with our experts. The guests of the studio will share their views on what the concept of Data-Driven Enterprise is and tell about practical examples of building such systems. In addition, we will discuss how the role of CIO and CDO is changing in the path of digital transformation, and how to build organizational aspects in the interaction of IT and business as productively as possible.


    As always, we will have wonderful speakers who can provide a wide overview on the topics covered:

    • David Yang (entrepreneur, founder of ABBYY and;
    • Azat Gafarov (Head of the Department of Digitalization and Technological Development of JSC “Uralchem ​​Chemical and Chemical Combine”);
    • Yuri Bondar (Deputy General Director of SAP CIS);
    • Svetlana Bova (Managing Director and Vice President, Transformation Department, VTB Bank);
    • Alexey Poperlyukov (General Director of ITSK LLC, IT integrator of Gazprom Neft PJSC).

    In addition to the discussion in the studio, we have prepared interesting stories and reports for you, the recordings of which will be available along with the main broadcast:

    • Methodology and organizational basis of data management;
    • SAP reference architecture for data management (SAP HANA, SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, SAP Data Hub, Smart Data Access, Smart Data Integration, Smart Data Quality, Multi-temperature storage, etc.);
    • Specific solutions and examples of implementing the Data-Driven approach in practice.

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