How to use Facebook groups to promote: create a web


Facebook is changing the feed. At the official F8 conference on April 30 and May 1, the first persons of the company announced innovations. Among other things, focus on the formation of personal space .
Feeling your affiliation is easier when you are in small communities and among close friends. As the world becomes larger and more connected, we need this sense of intimacy more than ever.
If translated into understandable Russian, then in the future, Facebook will develop:

  • groups
  • story,
  • messenger.

Today we’ll talk about how to use groups for promotion. And the first thing to remember: Facebook's organic traffic went almost entirely into groups.

Yes, yes, recently I wrote an article “Do not create groups” . And I do not refuse at all its meaning: do not create groups - use existing ones. Because there is a second article “How the group works: the forest around the mountain” , in which I clearly show how the illiterate management of the group leads to the degradation of the community. Facebook groups are an interesting tool with rich features. Which you must be able to use. Misunderstanding of the mechanism of work leads to disastrous results. Today we’ll talk about this: how to use groups for personal advancement.

Groups are the current reality of Facebook

Traffic and volume of content in groups is growing. Almost all organic traffic and activity goes to the community. Small and large, closed and open. In the messenger as well.

The coverage of the post within the group is much higher than in the tape. Even if you use the link to an external site - and Facebook does not like it - even in this case, coverage from a group where almost 6,000 participants gives coverage of 800+ views and 104 transitions.

Considering that it is possible to announce a new blog article in several groups at once, the aggregate coverage and traffic turned out to be quite decent.

To achieve the same results and even more, a blog on a separate site is not needed. All work can be done on Facebook. Here is a step-by-step plan.

How to use groups for personal promotion

The first thing to understand: a group does not need to be created. Group administration is a different story. Complex, long and routine.
Groups must be used - alien groups
The second significant point: interesting content is welcomed in all adequate groups. If you have something to say, on business and professionally, do not be shy, write, share and tell. Agree with the administration about event announcements, LIVE broadcasts, webinars, etc. Anything you are ready to tell and show, share with everything. But pre-coordinate with the administration. There may be a claim in terms of quality, competency or reliability. But in 9 cases out of 10, the administration gives the go-ahead. The hardest part is getting the group’s audience to accept you. Public control is the most difficult filter.

The third. Use notes:

What it is? - Built-in ability to publish longreads, long detailed articles with the ability to design, format text, insert videos and pictures. This is an opportunity to create full-fledged detailed articles on your personal page (profile) or business page and share in different groups and not only in groups, and not only on Facebook. Such articles are successfully opened even by unauthorized users.

You can share links to notes on other social networks, forums, chats, instant messengers, and in personal correspondence.

Step-by-step algorithm of work

  1. Make content. An article, well designed, with pictures, can be with video.
  2. Post to a personal or business page.
  3. Make an intriguing announcement in different groups and chats.
  4. After 5 days, count views and interactions.
  5. Perform work on bugs.
  6. Repeat the cycle.

This is how a simple personal Facebook promotion algorithm looks like. Methodicality and quality will grind all problems.

How to use a group for business projects

To understand how the group fits into the sales funnel, he came up with the following visual model: “Estate and Courtyard”.

A business has a business page. The group in this case is embedded in the infrastructure of the business page. The nature of the relationship between the group and the business page, as between the facade and the courtyard behind the house.

On the facade there is a plate, sign, name, showcase, entrance group. The facade attracts people to go from the street, get acquainted, find out the contents.

In the backyard we organize parties, events. We invite customers there, people we already know, who know us. The party has an informal atmosphere - unlike the front part. Here we have fun, discuss various rumors, gossip, share experiences, laugh at jokes. Here, the emotional degree is completely different. Although a lot depends on the nature of the event.

In the courtyard of the house you can present a novelty, a new product or product, open the season of hunting for wolves or open sales of a training course. When all the participants in the party softened, emotionally warmed up, you can make a presentation of the product.

But each party has a number of strict rules that maintain a friendly atmosphere and protect against developing into a depressive booze. A group created for commercial purposes has a number of fundamental differences from industry or entertainment communities.

  • The group exists for a limited time. Like every party, free beer and fried meat ends one day.
  • Narrow topic. All participants are invited in advance to discuss a narrowly defined topic. To be in time for a limited time to maximize the topic.
  • Restrictions on publishing rights. Almost always only posts can post. The whole focus is only on the hosts of the party. They tapped a glass and drew attention to themselves.
  • Mandatory identification of participants. Name, phone, email. Only famous people who have passed pre-filtering.


This is the final part of the Facebook group triptych. In three parts, I revealed a little the contents of a webinar about the groups of the Wings of Icarus course - a promotion strategy on Facebook without an advertising budget.

The main idea that all three parts carry: Facebook is a complex system and requires a creative approach, methodical work and constant search for the best option for you. Personal experience is the best teacher.

Groups in the current realities are one of the most promising tools. Opportunities and options for use - innumerable count. And it’s not necessary to create groups. To benefit immediately and now, you need to use ready-made, existing groups. In 9 out of 10 cases, the administration will only be happy to publish quality professional articles. Interaction with the group’s audience will allow us to understand the requests and needs of customers, to realize something hidden, implicit and unformed desires. Groups are a great option for native advertising, guerrilla marketing, and in the case of information products, training courses, they work as training platforms.

The end result of working with groups will be building a network of sites to promote your content. A table is formed with statistics for each publication in each group and an understanding of where and what is best to publish, how to properly communicate with the audience, pack knowledge, publish articles. You create your own marketing web within Facebook. And this does not require special knowledge, spend money on advertising or hire a specialist.

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