Finger Music: Play Anything With Sphero's SpecDrums

    It seems that today “author's electronic music” is almost a key trend, so SpecDrums clearly did not reach a bit of hype, being sold early by Sphero.

    But, as usual, everything is short and in order - inside.

    SpecDrums is a creative toy, the main feature of which is the ability to “extract music” from any objects. As personal experience has shown, this is really fun, easy and fascinating leisure time, and even if you don’t know how to play any instrument, anyway, in the end, everything turns out quite smoothly for you.

    Just a couple of examples (PS: we did not try at all)

    The project appeared on Kickstarter , but at the start it had nothing to do with Sphero. Despite the relative success, the business did not move very fast, and perhaps without a partnership with the legendary geek toys, nothing would have happened.

    At the same time, it seems to us that today these gadgets are experiencing a rebirth. It’s corny, having run through the “GadgetFlow”, you can stumble upon at least a dozen and a half devices from the series of hand-made music.

    How it works

    Sphero SpecDrums kit consists of “smart rings” (1 or 2 depending on the price), a multi-colored rug and a cable for charging both rings at the same time (which is logical).

    The sensors are integrated into the rings, which distinguish color. For a music game, you need to connect the rings to the application ( IOS / Android ):

    In the current version of the kits there is an option with one ring and two . However, the application itself can accommodate up to 10 pieces (which is logical again).

    After connecting, you need to open the toolbar directly:

    And you can start “poking”, so that in the end you get a melody: something like what we applied above. The three upper rectangles are the rhythm, the colored keys below are individual sounds.

    Each key is assigned a color, and sound is extracted by touching the sensor with that color. For simplicity, a marked rug is included in the kit and its length is 45 cm.

    However, the ring can be applied to any object with the same color or the ring can be programmed onto a personal palette, assigning your sounds to everything that surrounds you. As an option:

    All this can be done in the application settings by going to the corresponding menu item:

    There are three options to choose from: color change / change of sound effects / own music background. The number of individual sounds is not so small: You can

    change individual fragments of the music panel in Editor mode.

    To bother less, you can download a selection of ready-made rhythms and accompanying sounds - there is a Library section for this. You can record your music (click on Records), then unload and transmit sound in m4a format. All these basic elements are displayed on the main screen - in the lower menu:

    On the whole, the impressions are positive and positive. It is really unusual and fun and allows you to be creative even for those who were not ready for this before. The amateur level with due dexterity can give very decent results for hearing.

    At the same time, you can play, in fact, anywhere and on anything: any thing is a musical instrument. To summarize briefly - I liked it and quite in the spirit of Sphero - is unusual and fun.

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