Content marketing, SEO, tests and polls: 9 tools for promoting a startup abroad

    Hello! My name is Margot and I am a professional marketer. Recently I have been working a lot with projects in international markets, and I want to share this interesting experience.

    Recently, I published a selection of tools for creating content in English , and today I’ll talk about services for promoting companies abroad. The main focus of the material is on the USA, but many of the products listed are suitable for other countries.


    Created by one of the leading American marketers Neal Patel, the UberSuggest service suggests keywords that are suitable for your SEO-promotion, or even whole topics for blog posts. It works like this - you drive your main keyword into the system and get a list of related results. By clicking on each of the issued options you can see what search queries are already associated with it.

    Google Keyword Planner

    The Google tool is also useful for exploring keywords that you could use to increase your visibility in search results. The system has data on the popularity of requests, alternative options, changes in frequency over time (useful if your projects depend on seasonality).


    The Canva Editor allows you to create engaging marketing materials with a simple constructor. You just need to select a template for the desired platform, and then add the necessary elements and adapt the content to your needs.


    If you have a small startup with limited resources, then Upwork will become an inexhaustible source of labor for you. On the platform you can find freelancers from around the world to solve a variety of problems. There are many professionals in the field of SMM, promotion, marketing. They can both take on the tasks themselves and give advice on what steps are best taken in your situation. It is great in cases of near-zero budget, although you can find very experienced and expensive specialists.

    Smile Bright Media

    American service with which you can solve specific marketing problems. On the platform, you can order the creation of content (for example, articles for media and blog posts), promotion in media of various types (from technology blogs to Product Hunt). The service is suitable for projects that are already firmly on their feet and need high-quality content for top sites such as VentureBeat or It is also worth noting a blog with useful cases and tips for creating and promoting content.


    One of the main alternatives to the famous Grammarly service . Linguix is ​​more suitable for promotion, because in addition to the main functionality of spell checking and grammar of texts, it also has content templates . According to statistics from the Ghost service, the use of templates helps to accelerate the entire content marketing cycle by up to 600%. And the content received on the output will be immediately checked for errors and typos.


    One of the most famous email newsletter systems in which there is even a free version. Until your subscriber base grows to several thousand people, you can use MailChimp at no additional cost. Plus of the product is a developed statistics system, as well as a huge number of integrations with third-party systems.

    Survey anyplace

    This is a branded survey tool. With a simple constructor, you can collect and publish mobile-friendly polls that will be branded the way you want. The service is great for collecting data to work out a marketing strategy.


    One of the most famous platforms for conducting A / B tests of web pages or applications. Using this tool, you can check the effectiveness of various interface solutions, texts and content. If you have little traffic, a successful test will not be easy, but if you already have a website you visit, then the platform will be extremely useful.

    And what other tools for promoting startups abroad do you know?

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