Artificial Stupidity: a bot that didn't help me

    Hi Habr! After reading a couple of digests about useful services based on artificial intelligence, I decided to try such a service for automated job search, where a bot assistant communicates with you. Meet: . Half an hour later I was angry.

    Approximately such promising slogans are accompanied by the launch of this miracle of engineering on the market:

    Well, I thought, let's try to talk to him in the morning, over coffee. My resume with 13+ years of experience in analytics and data science, written in hh, can be an interesting test case.

    Everything is simple there: quick registration and downloading of a resume (I have a resume in full English). Further, the site offers to start a chat with the bot, through the facebook messenger, which I had to put (spoiler - for a while).

    And so, a dialogue with the bot. I think you will appreciate.

    I saved about 70% of our communication in the screenshots, the most important.

    Ok bot. You are interested in my alma mater. Perfectly! But judging by the construction of the sentence:
    "What are you majoring in ...?"

    do you think I'm still studying there? Is that what you thought? Okay, I wrote my specialization 15 years ago.

    Stop it, and what is this?
    ... tailored internship opportunities ...

    He clearly thinks that I am a student looking for the role of a trainee ... Here I began to get angry slowly.

    Uh, I want to know my GPA, after clicking on the suggested options: “Inaplicable” (again the list) and “Other” (error message) I entered 4, as this roughly corresponds to my red diploma, yes, and so the bot fell off.
    ... perfect job ccording to ... senority level ...

    In general, he rated my seigniority at the baseboard level. I did not agree with the internship and introduced a text request that simply corresponds to full employment. Further, my interlocutor became even more eccentric.

    I wait 10 minutes and decide to leave the chat.

    No, hurry up. The iron wise guy hurries with the search results of my dream job.

    Uh, what was he looking for? Then I took all these screenshots and wrote a letter directly in But it turned out that they were still trying to help me.

    Hmm, here I understand everything.

    The eccentric continued to ping me once every 10 minutes for a messenger, each time adding another word “state” to his, of course, intellectual request. But that was no longer funny. Therefore, I deleted the messenger from the phone.

    However, the assistant began to send me messages in the desktop version of facebook. Even after I repeatedly pressed the button “no, I am OK”. It’s good that the fsbook allows you to block for spam. <hand - face>

    This was the last curtsy.

    He was looking for something in the location state state state ... state in South ...

    As a result, without emotion, I get: I was considered a student looking for practice, tried to make a request that included words from the name of the university, found nothing, but tried, did more requests for (quote): “state state state state in South”, didn’t give up on the ban, spent time, in the end, for some reason, they didn’t even answer the letter with the evidence of superiority of artificial intelligence.

    Maybe they have such letters every day a pack?

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