Voting for reports at the summer DIY-meeting in Group on June 16

    Hello! We remind you that the summer DIY-mitap will take place on June 16, and we have good news! We received 10 applications, we did not limit anyone in the topic and approaches to performances. List of applications and a link to vote under the cut.

    1. The technique of the DIY project.
    2. DIY scooter.
    3. Intelligent photo studio without a photographer.
    4. The benefits of 3D modeling in home creativity.
    5. We assemble a quadrocopter and learn to fly.
    6. Full dome movie 360.
    7. Control of unmanned aerial vehicles without attracting the attention of orderlies.
    8. Touch smart mirror.
    9. Computer vision as an alternative to office passes.
    10. RFID implantation: devil tag, geek toy or future?

    Voting will again take place on a point system: you vote on topics that interest you, and we will calculate the total score and call the most sought-after speakers.

    A full description of the reports and voting - follow the link

    In the meantime, watch speeches from past meetings on our Youtube channel , and subscribe to our Telegram channel to keep abreast of new products from the DIY field.

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