AirSelfie 2 Power Edition - Valik camera. Or not?

    Working on the fairy tale "Victor in the Land of Lodyrantia", a wonderful children's writer O.I. Romanchenko probably herself dreamed of such a camera, which "in general is everything myself." Did her dream come true, although not at all how she imagined it, or quite the opposite?

    AirSelfie 2 Power Edition is a device that is perhaps even more interesting than that described in the fairy tale. There the camera went, but did not fly. And he was not so tiny - the size of a fourth iPhone and about three times thicker. But the first thing that meets the user is a rather large and weighty box with an almost Orwellian slogan:

    On the back are the parameters, including the weight of 80 grams. Only the drone itself, of course: A

    dense cardboard “suitcase” comes out of it, locked with a magnet:

    In the pocket on the lid there is an instruction, a warranty card and two cards all with the same slogan:

    We take out the shock absorber in which the drone lies and we see the heaviest item in the kit. Powerbank at 10 Ah.

    And from the compartment in the shock absorber, we extract a bag with a Type-C cord and an adapter from it to a regular large USB.

    All this can be used in the following ways:

    - Charge the power bank from the power bank with a cord
    - Charge the drone from the power bank with the same cord
    - Charge the drone from the power bank by placing the first in the second
    - Charge the phone from the power bank through the adapter and its cord

    The third is the most interesting, because it is done like this:

    We’re not afraid, we push it completely:

    The whole secret is in another Type-C, there, in the depths, see?

    You will have to wait half an hour, after which you can fly for five minutes. We turn the drone over and see the lower camera, the ultrasonic rangefinder and the power button: The

    lower camera is not intended for shooting, but for orientation in space according to the principle of an optical mouse, only the computing power is not an example anymore. The rangefinder determines the height. Click on the button, but it is not pressed. A board with a camera and a range finder walks with it. This is normal, there is a great shock absorber. You just have to press a little harder and the power turns on. But it's too early to fly. We need to download the application, which is called - AirSelfie2:

    Click on "Ready to connect" and find that the drone is an access point:

    Enter the password exactly like this:

    Now you can choose one of three modes. The first time you must definitely choose the simplest. Use only indoors until you have finished all actions to automatism. Fly over surfaces that are highly reflective of ultrasound. Smooth surfaces reflect best of all, carpets worst of all, everything else is in the middle. And one more nuance. The device blows down no worse than a domestic fan. Not floor, but desktop for sure. A4 paper sheets cheerfully fly apart, even if the drone hangs above them at a height of more than a meter! And what does the lower camera and rangefinder see at the same time, imagine?

    After selecting a mode, the application displays a series of prompts:

    And finally, the device begins to transmit FPV, but it won’t even think about flying until you order it. By the way, you can take pictures with the engines stopped.

    To fly the drone, put it on the palm of your hand with the lower camera and the range finder down, hold it horizontally, and on the smartphone screen hold the start button for three seconds. The engines start, slightly toss the device up, their speed increases, and the flight begins. I had to shoot the drone in flight from the side with a phone with a bad camera, because on the one that had a good one, the application was working at that time:

    And here is the side camera with which the device takes pictures:

    We land the drone also in the palm of our hand, again holding it strictly horizontally and exactly under the drone. We hold the same button (now it is the stop button), the device gradually lowers and the engines turn off.

    It is important to accustom yourself when managing to look not at the drone, but at FPV. Like it's your remote flying eyes. This is much easier to manage. Having mastered, you can try two modes of automatically following the face, just do not forget that it’s like in Tesla: this is not an autopilot, he does not replace a person.

    Other application modes. View taken pictures, transfer them from the device’s internal memory (16 GB) to a smartphone:

    View a training video, instructions and FAQ:

    You must watch the video, it shows the correct methods of starting from the palm of your hand and landing on it. The instruction is the same as on paper, as well as in the PDF on the website:


    Settings section:

    It has a calibration function, before starting it, put the drone on a strictly horizontal table, slightly lifting it with the devices shown in the figure, then we start the calibration, and all the while it is being calibrated, we don’t move it at all:

    The device automatically overlays its logo on the pictures. The macro mode, as we see, is not provided (but also not needed), as well as autofocus and flash:

    And this is especially for fans of EXIFs:

    Do not pay attention to the width and height specified in EXIF, in fact, the resolution is 4032x3024.

    So did the dream of a children's writer come true? Yes and no. Free, without hesitation, taking pictures with this device is possible only after some preparation. But after mastering all the nuances, this flying camera will become an extension of your eyes, which seems natural. Which you will just watch without thinking about the mechanics. A compact, stylish device with a high-quality camera will be appreciated by users who often publish photos on LiveJournal, Instagram, etc.

    As before, any competent blogger with a fairly large portfolio can participate in testing products from the Dadget range. And you can get a ten percent discount on AirSelfie 2 Power Edition using the “selfie” promotional code by clicking on the link .

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