News from the world of OpenStreetMap No. 459 (04/30/2019 - 06/05/2019)

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Monitoring suspicious building imports by country / region 1 | Pascal Neis under CC-BY-SA 3.0


  • Museos Abiertos is a non-profit organization that works to “discover” the heritage of museums. It helps both government and private organizations to effectively manage their values ​​and digital archives. Not so long ago, Museos Abiertos published a map of museums in Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • Jacseby requested to display ridges and peaks on the OSM main chartostyle (Catro-CSS) . Nothing has been decided yet, but the discussion and ideas may be useful to everyone who is interested in the mountains and the countryside.
  • The Association of British Rail Operators ( National Rail ) has developed a map of the availability of train stations for people with disabilities. OSM is used as a substrate.
  • In Belgium, the four operators of public transport have jointly developed a "Smart Route planner» (the Smart the Mobility Planner), which allows for the construction of the route information transmitted in real time by each of the operators. Routes are built on a map that is based on OSM.


  • Voting began for the tag camp_site=camp_pitchthat was proposed by user n76 exactly four years ago. This tag is used to mark places for tents and caravans on campsites.
  • User amilopowers offers to tag surface=whispering_asphaltor surface=silent_asphaltmark a special type of asphalt (“whispering”), which would allow to evaluate the level of noise pollution on the roads. However, most commentators on the mailing list of "tagging" believe that it is better for it to use other tags, such as, asphalt:type=*, asphalt=whisperor noise_reducing_surface=yes.
  • The iD appeared tag for what is forbidden in most countries shop=cannabis.
  • The changing table tagging scheme ( changing_table=*), developed by Velor Naram, received mixed reviews after it was voted on.


  • Bryan Housel announces that in the next version of iD, users will not be able to remove items with the wikidata tag. This is explained by the fact that inexperienced users often delete the necessary data without realizing it. This simple Security Lock can be bypassed by removing the tag first wikidata=.
  • Fabina Kowatsch has already published the fifth issue in a series of instructions on the OHSOME platform , designed to analyze the history of edits in OSM. Developed by the Big Spatial Data Analytics Big Spatial Data Analysis Team of the University of Heidelberg
  • [1] Pascal Neis, in a discussion of building quality, announced the possibility of detecting osm-suspicious buildings in your country / region. To monitor the import of buildings, you can filter by comment importand filter for building.


  • This year, 5 projects were accepted on Google Summer of Code from OpenStreetMap :
    • Jason Manoloudis (Iason Manoloudis):Отображение дорожных знаков в 3D для OSM2World
    • Thomas Hervey :Интеграция менеджера задач гуманитарной команды HOT
    • Tanya Haddad :Добавление Wikidata для улучшения работы геокодера Nominatim
    • Vishal (Vishal R):Инструмент для генерации точек зданий и проверки правильности построения 3D объектов
    • Ashish Singh :Плагин PT_Assistant (помощь в создании маршрутов транспорта) для редактора JOSM

  • Simon Poole writes (automatic translation ) in his diary about potential problems for mapping applications with the introduction of Google special storage.
  • Ilya Zverev writes in his blog about the rise and fall of the OSRM route-building program, into which Mapbox stopped investing, after the Valhalla development team joined it a year ago.


  • An update for Overpass-API has been published that will fix the security problem. It is recommended that you install the update immediately. Public servers are already updated.
  • Simon Poole wrote reference information about MapSplit and its format, which is used for improved battery life of Vespucci 13.0, the OSM editor for android.
  • A Wambacher member is always happy to provide information about new versions of OSM programs .

Do you know …

  • ... to please Christopher Beddou (Christopher Beddow), Pascal Neiss said editor Deriviste in statistics participants the OSM " How DID You a Contribute ".
  • ... about the advent of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a new augmented reality game from Niantic , creators of Ingress and Pokémon Go . The game Pokémon Go became known in the OSM community as a reason for constant dubious edits because it used OSM data for maps and game data. These edits were mainly parks added by gamers in the hope of increasing the number of Pokemon creatures in the right area (the so-called 'spawn rate').
  • ... Site Richard Feyhersta? This is a cycling website using tags surface=or other OSM bike related data to make it as useful as possible.
  • ... are there various tags for disposal sites for instrument batteries ( recycling:batteries) and car batteries ( recycling:car_batteries)? And what about 70 different things that can be recycled in our wiki ?

OSM in the media

  • The Internet portal has published (automatically translated ) an article about Franco Benedetti ( @mweper ) from the small Argentinean town of Funes , who cycling through it makes his map in OSM more accurate. In this he is helped not only by Mapillary panoramas, which he himself removes, but also by Wikipedia.

Other “geo” events

  • Pascal Nays uploaded all his presentations about OSM (most of them in German) to GitHub .
  • The online magazine Entre-Temps described the work done by the Old Maps Online portal on digitizing and geo-referencing historical maps from libraries around the world over the past 10 years. They managed to find and digitize not only old maps of many cities, but also such “diamonds” as the “ Orbis terrae compendiosa descriptio ” by Mumoldus Mercator (1587).
  • Guy Schrubshall of Friends of the Earth (UK) wrote a book on land ownership in England - Who Owns England ( review by The Guardian ). For several years, he spoke in his blog about the details of the study, which in the end is easily the basis of this book. For example, not so long ago, he drew attention to the fact that almost 17% of the country's territory is not registered in the Land Registry (cadastral registration authority in the UK).
  • May 2 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci . He drew maps and city plans, as if he had seen them from the air, for example, in 1502, he executed the plan of Imola in this style . A short film from VOX details how he did it.


  • The founder of the OSM office in Ghana Enok set Nyamador entered the master's course in GIS technology in Munich. Unfortunately, he was not able to get a scholarship for the Erasmus Mundi program, and now he is trying to raise funds for his studies through the Go Fund Me crowdfunding platform .
  • Mexican TV channel UNAM did an interview with representatives of the OSM community-Mexico Miriam Gonçalo and Celine Zhakin.
  • Valery Trubin began a series of interviews ( 1 , 2 ) with Russian mappers. He is interested in how they came to OSM, how they see his future and what they want to change in this project.
  • At the end of April, Russia hosted the cartographic campaign Spring Entrance . Within one week, its participants noted the entrances in residential apartment buildings, as well as their numbers and apartment numbers in them. As a result , almost 1,500 entrances were made to OSM.
  • Maitray Das, a researcher at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois , spoke about his work on gender analysis of the contribution of OSM participants to the United States at the ACM CHI 2019 conference held by the Computer Science Association . He analyzed the edits of the 2 thousand most active users who noted or edited POIs. Depending on the specifics of the POI, the information entered (in the author’s terminology) was either “masculine” or “feminine”. Previously, where it was possible, the gender of the participant was determined. As in other works, it was concluded that 95% of OSM users are men, but it cannot be said that the information entered is determined by the influence of gender.
  • At the end of April, a paper atlas of the city of Pokhara (Nepal) was released , which was prepared using data from OpenStreetMap, as well as the Geonode web portal (Secondary Cities - 2C project). With the support of the 2C Pokhara project, Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) collected on-site data. KLL also interacted directly with the local administration, which allowed to add quite a lot of POIs related to healthcare, water supply, education and business.


  • Robert Bell (a member of Itsamap! In OSM and bjjptq in Reddit) gives a very detailed description of how they accessed local data and then imported it into OpenStreetMap. Constancy and dialogue with local officials (especially in the GIS department) were key to this. In addition, many detailed tips are given on how to structure data before importing.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The minutes of the OSMF meeting were published on April 24, with the exception of the closed item relating to GlobalLogic.


  • Shrikar Arepalli is looking for speakers ready to talk about OSM at the VNR GNU / Linux conference, which will be held in July in India (Hyderabad).
  • This year, the SotM Africa conference will be held November 22-24 in the city of Gran Basame (Côte d'Ivoire). Dates:

  • On May 14, at the ESA Living Planet symposium, two tasks related to climate change, rising sea levels and deforestation will be presented and launched on the TeachOSM platform .
  • The OSM Foundation of France has published the(fr) program of the annual general meeting, which will be held this year in Montpellier at the SotM France 2019 conference . Until June 1, there are nominations for the General Council and acceptance of applications for speeches.
  • The Austrian OSM community took part in the Maker Faire Vienna 2019 exhibition. About how it was, said one of the participants in his blog (first day - translation , second day - translation ). By the way, he is a geologist.
  • On May 29, the first caroton will be held in Saarland (Germany) . Its organizers will be OpenSaar , Doctors Without Borders, and the erasmus + project at the Saarburg Geschwister-Scholl-Schule Technical Lyceum - euYoutH_OSM . The action will be held ahead of the LGM2019 conference . To participate, registration is required .

Humanitarian OSM

  • Kuo-yu Zhuang talked about the HOT and Missing Maps organizations to hundreds of participants in one of the largest cartons ever held in Taiwan.
  • Melanie Ackle of the GiScience research group at the University of Heidelberg spoke (May 13-14) at a conference on early warning of disasters , where she talked about the experience of Missing Maps and the services related to the analysis of natural disasters that were developed by the university.
  • Over the past months, the HOT team has studied the workflows of mapping and checking information in the Task Manager to prepare it for a major update. It is planned to introduce machine learning, which will entail even greater use of open data. HOT Blog Leila Pinho talks in detail about how they work to improve data quality, increase the speed of mapping and increase the percentage of users who are willing to participate in the project regularly.

Open data

  • The UK Department of Industry supports the local government initiative to make transport data more accessible for various purposes. One of the transport providers, Nottingham City Transport, recently announced the opening of a data set to achieve this goal. Along with their own data about bus routes, stops, timetables and tickets, they also provide extraction of OpenStreetMap data (in XML format) related to their route network.


  • In response to our article last week about Oracle licensing changes in Java, JOSM developers published a statement explaining that nothing has changed for the free version of Java, OpenJDK or Oracle JRE 8. Therefore, licensing changes do not affect JOSM and developers recommend continuing to use the current version Java, apply any updates and wait for the publication of OpenJDK, published by the community, which will be available on each platform.

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