Perfect Weapon, War of Perspectives and a Human Being Reaching the Ceiling

    This text is about time, man, and the problem of lack of prospects. The text is controversial. His theme is war. His goal is victory. Its meaning is "a person can and should move on." To the very heart of the future.

    “I see how it is being built. I hear how it collapses.
    It’s getting colder on the earth’s path ...
    Who will give us the iron courage
    To look into the eyes of a thunderstorm?

    Today, a simple word from the rostrum
    In the thunder of applause, the leader spoke.
    Tomorrow - the wreckage of dams and foundations
    Eagerly drags a slow silt.

    Noisy children go to school.
    Tomorrow - these children will not be:
    Tomorrow - rains on the plains of bare,
    Mash of cast iron and bones.

    The hidden will turn out.
    After the lead fraction falls silent,
    And a quiet mirror in red puddles
    will not reflect anyone's face. ”

    Daniil Andreev, 1937

    Giant pillars

    What I have always loved my enemies for is the indefatigable pursuit of the goal, the frantic desire to win. Leaving the future - bright and pure generations, to judge how much blood was needed and it would be worth putting on it, it is interesting to talk not about price, but about victory.

    Victory is achieved with some weapons - fortitude, well-aimed shooting, brilliant plan. The perfect weapon brings victory “on your terms”, naturally and unconditionally. How you lived, what quality weapons you developed - such will be a victory.

    On the example of countries: if the weapon is informational, then in other countries everyone will dream about your “way of life”, learn your language, dream of moving. If economic, you will be the custodian and distributor of all economic resources. If the perfect weapon is power, then you will drop it on the enemy’s cities, and you will accept the bow of their emperor on your warship.

    The information war gradually, but already irrevocably, rebuilt its smelters on the type of a new war - the War of Prospects.

    How easy it is to operate with the terms “brainwashing”, “propaganda”, “neuro-linguistic programming”, how easy it will be for those “left the day after tomorrow” to talk about “impossibility”, “lagging behind”, “alien paradise”.

    The “War of Prospects” is a new phase of the “creeping war” against human consciousness. If yesterday we were afraid “only” of death, and today the fear of lack of freedom was added, then tomorrow the horror of lack of prospects will embrace people. Stagnation. Global stagnation.

    Of course, like physical and information warfare, there has always been a war of prospects. Since it is a kind of subset mechanism in the system of suppressing the enemy. Its difference from the information one is that there is no need for an information contact. A man, as it were, "understands and sees everything".

    If today you still need to explain why you are scum, then tomorrow between you and the person from the Rolls-Royce, with a different passport and account status - you will not need to explain anything, you will understand yourself. That he could not, he was born there, for a better life you need a different education, a different color of blood, and yesterday you just had to ask even more humiliating, and then ...

    Eagle claws

    Now we reformulate the topic: "The perfect weapon in the War of Prospects."

    It is clear that the main field of this topic is the state, and above. But in the framework of this work, I want to see it in the context of a lesser person at work. We will go into the armory and try to select something, to consider. And at the end of the work, let's look into the future - is there what we need there - the perfect weapon?

    It is important to remember this.

    When problems of the field of War of prospects arise, we must go to the armory. Yes, we are strong and independent, but even the great warriors used the sword, and the spear, and strategy, and tactics. Therefore, we must go to the armory. The armory is a room devoid of time, internal and external burdens - it is in the heart, where both wine, and retribution, and grief, and complexity are forgotten.

    You need to go to the armory. We must not only want to get rid of the problem, talk about it, be motivated to solve it, ask for advice or read a book. We must comprehend our enemy, go to the armory, choose the right weapon and deliver a victorious blow.

    To understand the enemy is necessary in two main guises: internal and external. Internal affairs concern only us, our “internal perspective”. External affairs - of all other external elements, which offers us life and situation.

    We’ll take a look at one case (I decided not to put others now, maybe read a lot; if the reviews come in handy, I’ll write cases “Unrealized” - actually, about the feeling of unrealized; “Too much, too little” - just a lot, but I'm small and stupid, and I don’t know what to do; and others) .

    Melee art

    Case "Lack of prospects" The

    context of manifestation: "in this company", "in this country", "in this sphere" is not so important.

    An inner feeling - isolation, embarrassment, anger, self-destruction, "I am worth more", fading, lowering my hands, resentment, especially personal - "they do not value me", getting stuck, narrowing, feeling the ceiling, stopping ... I think the idea is clear.

    External events - “they refused to pay me more”, “there is no salary growth for the third year”, “in the end, they didn’t raise me”, “I work a lot, I get little”, “they don’t appreciate me”, “they didn’t let me realize the ideas "... In general, there are many similar and common situations.

    And so, a person finds himself in a state of "lack of prospects."

    His enemy is the external and internal circumstances that drove him into a hopeless situation. But he is a strong man, and he tried to change both circumstances and himself. He spoke with superiors, colleagues, changed jobs; looked both way and that way, saw good things in events, understood that it was time to change something in life.

    But still I came across this state of obstinacy at the ceiling and the impossibility of further growth.

    He realized that he could escalate the problem to a gigantic scale, changing the whole life context, the host country, the profession, his name - but he would remain with a sense of ceiling. It’s just that now it will be wide, to match his life experience.

    Zen masters, reflecting on this problem, said "wherever you go, you take yourself with you." Myself, and your sense of ceiling - lack of prospects.

    And then it's time to find a real enemy who is hiding in plain sight.

    Lack of prospects is the enemy. Not a feeling, and not circumstances. The phenomenon itself when you run into a wall. When you can’t and don’t want to start anything, everything goes into the pipe. A phenomenon in which you are no longer looking for yourself - you know that such prospects no longer exist. The last frontiers have been surrendered, and on a treadmill in a deadly sprint, you compete with the ever-victorious Hussein Bolt. Someone shot your life and it ended. To the end, all. And you still live, breathe, and absolutely do not know what to do about it.

    And you go to the armory of your heart. Because the enemy is found, and you have to choose a weapon and strike your own. According to the karate system - one blow, one death.

    What will help in the fight against this stream, this "limb"? In the fight against a tattered rope, a cliff in front of the abyss, a lack of water in the middle of the desert?

    What weapons will be strong enough to finally defeat?

    And that answer is transcendence.

    I can say to any circumstances - "if you do not want to go with me, then I will go on without you." I can say to myself “everything, and this is my limit; and above it - whatever I do here - I won’t reach it ”, and at the same moment to understand that this is only a voice in my head - a voice given to eat up time. Outgoing from rationality and experience. The voice of reason, which understands the situation for obvious reasons. The voice of a limb having a beginning, having an end.

    The finite is cured only by the infinite. A tattered rope makes me fall, but the Infinite inside me is deprived of both time and the shackles of my thinking, what I lived as a child - with every ray of the sun, and with every smile of my parents, friends and my endless mischief. The infinite within me continues to live, and without any effort, it wakes up, and I know that I have already surpassed all these torn ropes and strained deaths.

    And you sit with the joyful eyes of a child, although all the circumstances remain. Now they are a dead load with which you will find what to do. He no longer has a soul; he no longer knows how to scare or shoot. The finite recedes before Infinity as the darkest shadow recedes from the smallest light.

    Perfect weapon

    Previously, it seemed to me that the solution to all problems in the development of astronautics, the opening of new horizons of existence. I thought science would become that Perfect weapon. Will give the future, launch the Wheel.

    But now we see that if we have a cure for all diseases, even if we conquer death and old age, all these benefits will not only not get people, but even if we get them, they won’t help. We will drown in comfort, being in an eternal holiday. We will forget not only the periodic table, but also the multiplication table, because you will not need to do anything.

    Now I think that only childhood dreams can change the future. Eaten in every cell of the body. In every spark of happy eyes. The Eye of the Infinite is in the finite.

    I think this is the Perfect weapon.

    To win

    War of Prospects is not just a term. This is not an excess of Occam’s essence, which shows some side of the “ordinary” information war. The main thing in it is the lack of a direct effect on a person. It is like a war of conclusions and feelings, feelings and again conclusions.
    “It’s bad with us, it’s good with them”, “I’m worse than others”, “I can do it like that, I don’t deserve more” - these thoughts and feelings are the bombs exploding in the human mind - on the battlefield.

    Losing this war means living the dullest possible life, without faith, not only in the future - but also in the present. Become a zombie, scurrying back and forth and splashing out all of his corpse.

    To win in it means to be happy, especially in the face of a myriad of problems. It means believing in yourself no matter what. To win is to regain your life.

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