Microsoft has adapted virtual reality for visually impaired people

    Microsoft specialists have created a set of 14 tools that allow people with visual impairments to better perceive virtual reality.

    Microsoft has introduced a set of 14 software features for VR devices that simplify the perception of the virtual world for visually impaired people. The solutions will help users to detect obstacles in a timely manner and better navigate in space in scenes with low contrast.

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    SeeingVR functionality is available in this video .

    Using SeeingVR, you can, for example, add a description of objects, as well as select guide paths and change the color of objects. At the same time, nine tools can work with any type of virtual reality helmet, and the other five need to be integrated into the VR application using software packages used in the Unity game engine.

    SeeingVR has been tested on 11 people with visual impairment. The research team noted that using SeeingVR, they began to perform common tasks much faster. Earlier, Microsoft also developed the Seeing AI application, which recognizes and voices objects falling into the lens of a smartphone for visually impaired people.

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