Free Solarwinds Utilities for Monitoring, Managing IT Infrastructure and Security

    We know Solarwinds well and have been working with it for a long time, many also know their products for network (and not only) monitoring. But it is not so widely known that they allow you to download from their website a good four dozen free utilities that will help control network devices, manage infrastructure, databases and even handle incidents. In fact, this software is separate fragments of their paid products. All utilities are 100% free, not trial versions. Under cat links to the description and download.

    In this review, utilities for:

    • network infrastructure management;
    • IT infrastructure management;
    • IT security management
    • database management;
    • Help Desk service organization.

    Network Infrastructure Management

    ipMonitor Free Edition

    A simple tool. The interface sets a range of addresses, it polls them and gives out nodes available for remote monitoring. Of the possible monitoring tools: ping, WMI, SSH. On servers, it can perform standard checks such as CPU, Memory, Disk. This is the free version of the older brother ipMonitor (no free) and supports up to 50 nodes. For a small office or test tasks, there’s nothing at all. There is a short video with a description .

    Flow tool bundle

    Replication, testing and configuration of devices to send flow traffic. The tool consists of three parts: a replicator, a generator, and a configurator. The replicator can receive and forward netflow traffic to one or more receivers. Generator - generates netflow for testing, checking the settings of firewalls and other purposes. The configurator automatically configures network devices to send netflow to the target device. There is a short video with a description .

    Traceroute NG

    This utility is an add-on for system tracert. Performs network route analysis, can run packets using TCP and ICMP protocols. There is a short video with a description .

    Port scanner

    Generates a list of open, closed, and filtered ports for each scanned IP address. It can scan over TCP and UDP, and after scanning, you can upload all the collected data to a file. Works including through the command line.
    There is a short video with a description .

    Network device monitor

    Network device monitoring. The utility comes with many different templates for monitoring via SNMP, you can configure reports and alerts. But there is a limitation: monitoring of only one device is supported. A short video with a description .

    GNS3 Network Emulator

    Network environment emulator. The utility works on Windows, Mac and Linux. More than 20 network equipment vendors are supported. You can emulate various network topologies and see how it all works. There is a video with a description .

    Response Time Viewer for Wireshark

    Wireshark add-on for easy packet analysis by response time. It detects traffic for approximately 1200 applications. Works like a calculator for application response time. There is a video with a description .

    Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle

    The utility is designed to monitor NetFlow, J-Flow and sFlow traffic. The interface has representations in the form of various slices: on the interaction between devices, on applications, on domains and end devices. In addition, it is possible to record data up to 60 minutes.

    TFTP Server

    TFTP server with a graphical interface. Runs on Windows as a service. There is a video with a description .

    IP Address Tracker

    Scanning, committing changes, identifying IP address conflicts. This is the younger brother of a senior IP Address Manager - can manage up to 254 addresses, unlike 2 million in a paid solution.

    Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

    Bandwidth monitoring of network interfaces and visualization of metrics. Also a junior solution for Network Performance Monitor (NPM).

    Call Detail Record Tracker

    Search, filter and sort CCM CDR logs.

    IP SLA Monitor

    Collect IP SLA data from Cisco devices and visualize them.

    Advanced subnet calculator

    IP calculator for address space design.

    Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition

    Analysis, reception and archiving of syslog and SNMP. There is a video with a description .

    FTP Voyager FTP Client for Windows

    Advanced FTP client for Windows. Supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. Through this client, you can perform scheduled file transfers.

    SFTP / SCP Server

    The utility works as a Windows service and supports the simultaneous transfer of files to multiple devices.

    IT Infrastructure Management

    Cost calculator for azure

    The utility can display financial information for several accounts simultaneously. The interface has a breakdown of costs for the year, quarter, month, and in addition, paid resources that are not used are shown. It works on Windows and Mac platforms.

    Event Log Forwarder for Windows

    Packs events from the Windows log and sends them as syslog wherever you want. There is a flexible filtering. What events from Windows logs need to be controlled - we wrote in the last article .


    Advanced Putty. It has a multi-tab interface and a convenient search for saved sessions. There is a video with a description .

    Vm monitor

    Monitoring VMware and Hyper-V performance. The interface displays basic performance metrics and the status of virtual machines.

    Server health monitor

    Designed to monitor physical servers. Out of the box can work with Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, IBM eServer xSeries servers and VMware ESX / ESXi hypervisors. Supports SNMP, WMI, and CIM interoperability protocols.

    Storage performance monitor

    Monitoring data arrays Dell EMC, NetApp, IBM, Pure Storage. There is a video with a description .

    Exchange monitor

    Monitoring key Exchange services. There is a video with a description .

    Remote Execution Enabler for PowerShell

    Utility for automatic configuration of local and remote WinRM service.

    Admin bundle for active directory

    A package of three utilities for: detecting unused accounts, detecting unused workstations and importing user accounts in AD. There is a video with a description .

    Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent

    A utility for checking the availability of Windows Update services (WSUS) on remote servers.

    Web transaction transaction

    A utility for performing synthetic tests. One transaction is supported for web applications.

    Wmi monitor

    A utility for controlling a Windows server through WMI. It is the server, because only one device is supported.

    SNMP Enabler for Windows

    Configure SNMP counters on remote Windows servers.

    IT Security Management

    Event Log Consolidator

    Windows Log Consolidator with convenient event search and conditional alert settings. There is a video with a description .

    Firewall browser

    A utility for testing firewall rules. Supports configuration import from Cisco, Check Point, and NetScreen devices.

    Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory

    An analyzer of access rights for users, group members, and rights to manage network balls.

    Database management

    Database Performance Analyzer Free

    Real-time query analyzer for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and SAP ASE databases. Shows slow queries. There is a video with a description .

    SQL Plan Warnings

    Utility for analyzing Execution Plan in SQL Server. Monitors resource utilization as the plan progresses. There is a video with a description .

    Help Desk Organization

    Web Help Desk Free Edition

    Manage incidents, problems and service levels. There is integration with AD and reports. This is the younger brother of a fully functional version.

    Most of these utilities are suitable for solving local problems, some can be used as production systems. In the last 2-3 years, Solarwinds has been actively developing its products and now they can already be considered as a universal system for monitoring the level of the organization. If you are looking for a monitoring system for this role, consider including Solarwinds.

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