Yekaterinburg, April 18 - automation and scaling mitap


    On Thursday, April 18, at 19.00 we will hold a meeting dedicated to scaling and automation. We are going to the Sol loft (Yekaterinburg, 3 Khimikov lane), you can register for the meeting here. Speakers will be:

    • Dmitry kruftik Gadeev: "The horizontally scalable Jira in the clouds without pain";
    • Mikhail Malinovkin: “Bamboo and test environments. Creation and support ”;
    • Alexander Chernykh: “How to get Atlassian certified through the Webassessor online platform.”

    Details and mitap program - under the cut.

    We’ll talk about this.

    Experience in using Bamboo for managing test environments : working with the Bitbucket repository, organizing CI using bamboo-specs, running agents in Docker containers.

    Jira deployment pilot in Kubernetes cluster : what steps you need to go through and what difficulties you may encounter. The topic of horizontal scaling of the Jira Data Center using the HorizontalPodAutoscaler will also be covered. As part of the report, a demo will be held with the installation of Jira from scratch.

    Obtaining an Atlassian certificate : preparation and technical nuances of the exam test online - light, camera, motor!

    We start at 19.00.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write in our chat room -

    Well, once again, a link to register .


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