The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 358 (March 25 - 31, 2019)

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    podcastPodcast “Web Standards”, Issue No. 167 : Editors, frameworks, education and Ilya Klimov from GitLab
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Weekend” # 89 - What has changed for Grigory Petrov (leaving Voximplant, Moscow Python Conf and neurophysiology)
    podcastPodcast “ CSSSR » News 512 - Issue No. 44 (03.23 - 29.03)
    podcastPodcast“ Frontend Youth (18+) ” # 89 Mind as a service
    podcastPodcast“ HardcodeFM ”, Episode 10: Make React ^ W code great again
    podcastvideoPodcast Argumentarium from CSSSR : “Typing a javascript horse in a vacuum”
    videoFrontSpot Show # 4:Frontend in 2019, jumpers, inadequate social classes, 'All JS per hour' courses
    video“ALL YOUR HTML” # s2e8: “Points in the form of Beyonce”
    habrJS from all sides: top 10 reports of HolyJS 2018 Moscow
    videoJavaScript fwdays'19 , 20 videos from a conference held in early March

    Web development

    habrAMP: the future of email
    habrWhy SvelteJS is arguably the best framework for new web developers
    Mozilla develops WASI for using WebAssembly outside the browser
    enWhat's new in iOS 12.2 for advanced web applications
    enReasons why web components are ideal for a large company .
    enA practical guide to learning front-end development for beginners
    enFrom a front-end developer to DevOps: an introduction to CI / CD
    enStop using so many divs! Introduction to semantic HTML


    CSS selectors of the 4th level
    habrTools for creating a responsive website without access to the website
    habrWhat I have never been told about CSS
    habrEverything you need to know about automatic hyphens in CSS
    enGuide to CSS counter
    enHow to make CSS Grid Layouts accessible
    enHow create a dark \ light switch with CSS and Javascript
    enHow to align all sorts of things in CSS
    enCSS Houdini can change the way we write and control CSS
    enCool use of pseudo-elements :: before and :: after
    enDeriving custom CSS properties from: root can be a good idea


    5 typical tasks for JavaScript interviews
    JS Sketches on the subject of URL
    A selection of JS frameworks for working with computer vision
    en12 JavaScript tricks that you will not find in most lessons
    en14 best JavaScript APIs
    enReliable JavaScript: Part I
    enCreating a decentralized web chat in 15 minutes


    • The European Parliament adopted the Internet copyright directive with exceptions for open source software.
    Next week, Google+ social networks and Inbox service will be closed, the total number of “killed by Google” projects has reached 150
    “A rainy day for Internet freedom.” The European Parliament finally approved the scandalous directive on copyright in the Internet
    5 AI services that work in the browser
    AI, more RTX and autopilot: the main thing from the GTC 2019 conference
    Microsoft forbade its employees to joke on April 1

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