A selection of geek screwdrivers and unusual multitools from Leatherman to Xiaomi

    A good screwdriver is no longer just a tool, but something like “geek attributes”, therefore, they began to treat such an instrument as an accessory, connecting them to the creation of creative people.

    Collected inside some very unusual specimens.

    Kickstarter can't be fooled!

    A few years ago (2016), one project appeared on Kickstarter . With the required amount of $ 500, he quickly collected a little more than 1000, and nothing boded ... The

    multitool keychain offered several nozzles, a bottle opener, a hexagon at a modest price of $ 15. Screwdrivers could conveniently be hidden inside the device.

    A carabiner would have allowed not to part with this miracle: hooked to the keys and carry it as a keyring. In general, an idyll. And it continued until the Kickstarter leadership learned how to use the Aliexpress website, where until now the same multitool is sold for more than 200 rubles. You can’t say anything particularly bad about the multitool itself, unless you doubt its reliability: a good set of basic screwdrivers, a flashlight for illumination, and a rather convenient form for small household tasks. Functional souvenir.

    Kickstarter fooled!

    And this is an example of a successful case when you reinvent someone else's idea, and they give you money for this. This “screwdriver for women”, or a screwdriver-hairpin for some reason, bears the subtitle “First in the world”, although it is not.

    Here is a small file, and a screwdriver, and a tool for stripping wires, and all this in the form of a regular hairpin.

    Moreover, all this is so strong and reliable that representatives of the army were involved as experts for commenting on the project, and even in commercials such a thing is almost positioned as uniform!

    Very ambitious in every sense. If not for one but!


    Literally exactly the same project was already known several years ago and has since been a good google on Ebay . The multitool hairpin offers almost everything the same:

    Jewelry for men

    The idea of ​​turning such a simple and understandable tool into something like a stylish decoration is known to a greater extent thanks to Leatherman. Their legendary multitool bracelets are known to everyone.

    The thing is very cool - we use it ourselves. It looks very prestigious, it sits on the hand with dignity, attractively. Hairy hands sometimes clings, we will not hide. Visually, this is a very worthy bracelet. And functionally -

    For example, in the Steel version :

    • Screwdrivers with straight tips: 1/8 ”(2), 3/32” (2), 3/16 ”(2), 5/16”, 1/4 ”, 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM
    • Philips screwdrivers: # 1-2, # 1, # 2
    • 6 hex wrenches: 1/4 ”, 3/8”, 3/16 ”, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM
    • Key for oxygen cylinders
    • Carbide tip for breaking glass
    • Rope Cutting Hook
    • SIM eject tool
    • Tamper blade
    • Bottle and can opener with zipper

    In order to use the multitool for its intended purpose, you need to fold it, as it were, that is, part of the bracelet becomes the handle of a screwdriver. For small household work - this is convenient.

    The quality of materials and workmanship is further enhanced by a 25-year warranty !

    A small digression

    The line between beauty and prettiness is quite thin, and some really flirt with the design, bringing the functionality of screwdrivers to exceptionally visual indicators: like a screwdriver, is it convenient and not, the third question. The main thing is that it looks unusual.

    It comes to madness:


    Obviously, you cannot “reinvent” the tip, so you need to mock the handle, but in this case, in addition to aesthetic characteristics, no other need to be considered. Nevertheless, it must be said that with all the atypical appearance, the above samples can be used anyway!

    But, for example, to use such a kitten as a handle will not be so convenient: The

    second point that ruins most modern concepts is its compact size. The screwdriver, according to the authors, for some reason must necessarily fit in your pocket. Hence there are so many multitool trinkets.

    Titanium Pocket Bit

    The smallest screwdriver with a key ring to act as a handle.

    Little Bit - for obvious reasons, did not take off

    The same as above.


    And many others ... The

    balance between dimensions and functionality is

    very important. Let the screwdriver not fit in your pocket, but it fits comfortably in a bag or backpack, but still let it perform its basic functions! Then it will be more than cool.


    Models of this brand look very balanced: firstly, everything here is made of sufficiently high-quality materials, and this is not just a decorative craft.

    Plus, the dimensions themselves are hardly much larger than a modern smartphone: you can fit in your pocket.

    And, of course, the number of tools is impressive. In the usual version - there are 24.

    In a set for Xiaomi electric screwdriver56 replaceable nozzles are attached.

    Such a screwdriver works at a speed of 200 rpm. Battery charging time is about 40 minutes. Also included is a stand, a magnetic mat. This version is more suitable for stationary use.

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