Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Zextras Suite are fully compatible with the domestic RED OS

    The operating systems of the ROSA family are not the only domestic operating systems with which the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition and the Zextras Suite module extensions are compatible. For example, within the framework of thorough technological tests, their full compatibility with RED OS, a domestic operating system developed by RED Soft, was confirmed.


    This means that RED OS users have had the opportunity to deploy a full-featured solution for accessing e-mail, and such collaboration tools provided by the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, such as calendar, resource accounts, shared folders, and so on. It should be noted that earlier this year, “RED OS” was certified by FSTEC, which is more than proof of the safety of its use when working with government agencies.

    Zextras Suite modular extensions, which are also fully compatible with RED OS, provide greater fault tolerance of the solution and are able to bring the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open-Source Edition to the corporate level.

    In particular, they can offer advanced real-time backup and recovery systems in large enterprises, advanced synchronization with mobile devices, connection to cloud storages, as well as online chat, available directly from the Zimbra web client.

    For SaaS providers that provide access to Zimbra as a service, Zextras Suite can offer support for multi-tenancy, hierarchical repositories, as well as proprietary compression and deduplication algorithms to reduce the amount of space occupied by an information system on the hard disk by up to 50%. All this allows you to minimize the costs of a SaaS provider when providing services to customers and, as a result, significantly increase their competitiveness when participating in various competitions and tenders.

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