More gold! Pentium Gold - a new brand for top Pentium

    According to the latest data, the Intel processor rebranding campaign covers not only the Intel Xeon line, but also extends to desktop families. As it became known last week, the Intel Pentium G model range will be renamed - its senior representatives will add Gold title to their name. Attention is drawn to the fact that the rebranding has affected not only future models, but also those already produced, so that having seen unfamiliar words on the boxes, do not be surprised.

    The new name received 3 senior models from the latest line of Kaby Lake, all the others did not receive it. Thus, the top segment rises above all other models of this and previous generations. Will the separation continue further along the Xeon pattern? Official information on this issue yet.

    The line of current Intel Pentium G processors is shown under the cut.

    Kernels Cache Frequency GPU Tdp
    Gold G4620 2/4 3 MB 3.7 i630 51 W
    Gold G4600 3.6 GHz i630 51 W
    Gold G4560 3.5 GHz i610 54 W
    G4600T 3.0 GHz i630 35 W
    G4560T 2.9 GHz i610 35 W
    G4520 2/2 3.6 GHz i530 51 W
    G4500 3.5 GHz i530 51 W
    G4400 3.3 GHz i510 54 W
    G4500T 3.0 GHz i530 35 W
    G4400T 2.9 GHz i510 35 W
    HD Graphics 610: 12 EU at a frequency of 900 - 1100 MHz
    HD Graphics 630: 24 EU at a frequency of 1000 - 1150 MHz
    HD Graphics 510: 12 EU at a frequency of 950 MHz
    HD Graphics 530: 24 EU at a frequency of 1150 MHz

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