3CX Software Client Update for iOS, Android, and MacOS

    We are pleased to present the new versions of our functional unified communications clients for iOS, Android and Mac OS!

    3CX client for iOS with CallKit integration

    The new 3CX client for iOS has a great opportunity - to manage VoIP calls in the same way as GSM calls - directly from the lock screen. This is done using the Callkit framework, which appeared in iOS 10. VoIP calls through the 3CX client look like GSM calls for the user - they are displayed on the lock screen and in the call history of the iOS device. Thanks to this, the 3CX client is even more integrated into the iOS user interface.

    Update for the 3CX client for iOSNew 3CX client for iOS availableAnswer calls from your lock screen with the 3CX client for iOS

    The new 3CX client for iOS allows you to conveniently switch between GSM and VoIP calls. For example, if you are talking through a 3CX client and at that moment you are receiving a GSM call, you can put the VoIP call on hold. You can also not accept a GSM call, but reject it or send it to voicemail.

    → The full changelog is available here.

    → Download our new 3CX client for iOS

    3CX client for Android with lock screen notifications

    We also released the new 3CX client for Android. It appeared the long-awaited support for the voice codec G729 and call control from the lock screen.

    Android Client

    List of major improvements in the client:

    • Updated user interface
    • Answer a call from the lock screen
    • G729 voice codec for use in networks with narrow bandwidth or long delays
    • Change your status by clicking on the photo at the top of the interface
    • Notification of a missed call in the notification bar and on the lock screen
    • When you click on the background behind your photo (at the top of the interface), a keyboard appears for dialing
    • Improved sound quality when using the application in the background
    • Removed user status icon in the notification bar to save battery
    • Fixed bugs when searching in the message interface, in the address book and on the presence screen
    • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash during auto-tuning
    • Fixed a bug leading to a client crash
    • Removed unnecessary messages that appear on the lock screen

    Note that notifications of chat messages (in the Android notification bar), which our customers have repeatedly requested, are expected soon.

    → The full changelog is available here.

    → Download our new 3CX client for Android

    3CX Client Update for MacOS

    Before the holidays, we updated our 3CX client for MacOS! Among the improvements in the client are the support for the G729 voice codec, which is now included in the 3CX management console, and the network error correction that occurred in MacOS Sierra.

    List of major improvements in the client:

    • Support for MacOS Sierra (this requires updating the 3CX server to version V15 SP4)
    • Voice Codec G729
    • Improved client auto-tuning
    • Ability to specify DTMF transfer method in 3CX management console
    • Ability to specify the priority of voice codecs in the 3CX management console

    → The full changelog is available here.

    It makes sense to install the new 3CX client for MacOS if you already have a 3CX V15 SP4 server running:

    1. Go to the 3CX Management Console
    2. In the top menu, click the Updates button, go to the 3CX Clients section and download the client
    3. The server will send update notifications to all system users
    4. The next time you start or restart the client, the user will receive a notification about the availability of the update.
    5. After the consent of the user, the update will be installed automatically.

    → You can also download the new 3CX client for MacOS manually from here

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