Another law of Spring: the deputy proposed to allow the police to track the location of children using geolocation

    Today, the State Duma in the first reading adopted amendments to the law on operational-investigative activities, which allow the police to track missing children on the coordinates of mobile phones. Previously, to track the phones required the approval of the court, now it is proposed to do only a statement of the parents. Another proposal is to distribute this rule and to search for senior citizens.

    The amendments in question were drafted by a group of deputies under the leadership of the head of the Duma security committee, Irina Yarovoy, about which Kommersant reports . In Art. 8 of this law describes cases in which it becomes possible to carry out investigative measures "limiting the constitutional rights of a person."

    The amendments give the police and special services to track the "whereabouts of a minor based on the geolocation of the subscriber unit" in the event that the child is missing and there is a statement from the parents of the missing person or his guardians. If the owner of the SIM card of the child’s mobile device is a third party, the permission of that person is also required.

    Militiamen must notify the court within 24 hours about the conduct of such surveillance. Within 48 hours, police officers must obtain permission from the court for these activities. Otherwise, you need to stop their implementation. The explanatory note to the bill states that every hour and even a minute is important in the search for missing children. According to the authors of the bill, over the past five years 40 thousand minors have disappeared in Russia. In 2017, 8,000 minors were wanted, including 40% of children under the age of 14.

    Irina Yarovaya stated that the bill was aimed at solving situations where a child was illegally held by third parties, disappeared or was in a “dangerous life situation”. She also added that every year only 10% of criminal cases are brought up on the facts of missing children, due to the growing number of investigative cases. At the same time, the “significant number” of the missing people had mobile devices that were included in the first hours or even the days of the search.

    However, the police can not track such gadgets, even in the case of the appeal of the parents of missing children. This requires a court decision. “The search for a child using geolocation data is low-cost, but highly efficient. The proposed measures will give a serious and real chance to save the child, ”Ms. Yarovaya said in the State Duma.

    According to experts, the bill is "expected". The fact is that almost all of the lost have a mobile device of one type or another, which can be used to determine a person’s location. But to obtain this information, you need the consent of the mobile operator, which is almost impossible to obtain promptly.

    “Experts can even determine where and how the device was turned off - the battery went down, turned it off with a button or thrown into the water, whether there was movement before that,” said Leonid Ogul, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health

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