From the kingdom of darkness to the Witcher number three

    The output of The Witcher 3 made me remember that I do not have a normal gaming mouse - the old man’s best friend gnawed the old one. You won’t play much with the touchpad, so I’ll order this one. I poked it almost at random - sorted the minimum and maximum prices in Yandex Market, and then the model Gamdias Hades GMS7011 was lucky. Why she? It became interesting - not so battered brand, like the same Razer or Logitech, well, I saw it at the exhibition. So, I present to you the tale of a rodent gamer.

    One day, a black and black mouse crawled out of the dark, pretentious underground kingdom. It was not easy: a laser sensor with a breathtaking resolution of 8,200 dpi was clearly mined from the bowels of the earth. Therefore, the rodent was named after the god of the underworld Hades, responsible for the Ministry of Agriculture fertility, as well as othershydrocarbon wealth lying deep.

    Gamdias Hades has many faces. If you pick it up, you won’t understand: for a left-handed person or for a right-handed person, but in the kit there are immediately three sets of pads that can be used to change the geometry of the mouse very seriously. Despite the fact that I’ve been using the mouse for already a month, I periodically change the shape and it seems to me more convenient - it's funny. The "skin" of a rodent is tenacious. It seems that I would see an ordinary matte plastic in a store - I did not pay attention. And if you take it in your hand, you feel small-fine roughness. I would do everything from such material. And then some remnants around. Togo and look slip out.

    The “tail” is long - two meters, is dressed in a nylon (as it feels) braid, which glides very well and does not cling to the corner of the table. True, I personally already want a wireless gaming mouse! But without delay! Okay, I fantasized and went on.
    I have an ambiguous attitude towards the HERA program, which controls all the functionality of Gamdias Hades. On the one hand - everything is convenient, everything is clear, and most importantly - even installation is not required - I downloaded the archive from the site, unpacked it, launched it, and that’s all. On the other hand, there is no Russian language.

    But this same HERA, sorry for my English, allows you to save 6 profiles into the mouse itself. It’s amazingly convenient when you follow different computers, you take the mouse with you, and it already has everything in it - you use it at home. I’m not even going to talk about all kinds of backlight color settings - this is all clear. More interesting is the sensor. For some time I did not follow the development of the industry and to meet the resolution of as much as 8200 dpi was a revelation to me. The previous mouse was at one time one of the tops - 3200, but what would be more than twice ...

    And you can see how many times you clicked on each of the buttons. I don’t know how useful such an “odometer” is for a mouse, but it’s funny. Maybe that’s how the manufacturer wanted to emphasize a high resource - in the Hades 7011 the switches of the Japanese company Omron are installed with a resource of as many as 10,000,000 clicks! The company is good, I know for sure - there is a tonometer and digital scales at home. Both gadgets work well, I think, and they can do buttons.

    The keys are pressed gently, but with a clear click. I got used to a little tougher buttons, but fully adapted in an hour. In general, I will say - ergonomics are good. In the hand lies the way it should, thanks to the overlays, and 7 of the 8 buttons can be customized to your liking.

    Now about the main thing - about The Witcher 3, more precisely, about how the agricultural god helped me enjoy the process. Firstly, the horse is sorry. I love animals, and horses especially, so finding and tapping the head of someone who does so bad with a horse was a matter of honor.

    Gamdias Hades 7011 is divinely good in running around and all kinds of slaughter in the forests and fields. The sensor is really chic - the accuracy is amazing, and the ability to change the resolution on the go allows you to feel the hero and weapons. Moreover, I played on different surfaces - from a cheap old rug to a wooden table (not varnished). There is, of course, a difference, but rather tactile. I am pleased when the hand lies simply on the table without any extra gaskets. The main thing is that the coating did not affect the work of the mouse. In general, I felt what is described by the phrase "when the instrument becomes an extension of the hand."

    I played mainly with headphones in a dark room - so the effect of immersion is better. I’ll say that the Witcher turned out to be cool, I don’t know why he is sometimes scolded. Take a look at these naked young ladies, at least - they’re almost like real women. Yes, work on the face, but everything else - it even worked out! And the gameplay is good. Get along. Good game.

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