What is wrong with the Deptrans attempt to force Uber drivers to get taxi licenses

    The vice-mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov said that the mayor's office requires the Uber taxi service to hire only drivers with taxi driver licenses and share tracks on moving cars.

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    In an interview with Gazeta.ru he said the following:

    - We had a meeting with representatives of Uber, and we agreed with them to sign the agreement. First: Uber is obligated to work only with legal taxi drivers who have permission to taxi activities. And the second: they will transmit to us data on the movement of their taxi cars in the city. Data will be depersonalized - we only need tracks. Uber were ready to sign such an agreement before the end of 2015. Then, referring to their corporate procedures, they asked us to extend this period until the end of January. And now their last request was to wait ten days - they again refer to their corporate procedures. Therefore, we will wait a while. And, accordingly, if colleagues continue to work with illegal taxi drivers, and we have such facts ...if the company does not sign an agreement with us, we will turn to law enforcement bodies, to the judicial authorities, with a requirement to ban the operation of this mobile application in Moscow.

    To understand what it was all about, I climbed to read the laws . So, the official passenger taxi:

    • must undergo a state technical inspection every 6 months;
    • should have on the body (side surfaces of the body) a colorographic diagram, which is a composition of squares of contrasting color, arranged in a checkerboard pattern;
    • must comply with the unified color scheme of the body in the case of the establishment of such a requirement by the laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;
    • must have an orange identification light on the roof;
    • must be equipped with a taximeter.
    • A legal entity or an individual entrepreneur must ensure that drivers of passenger taxis pass pre-trip medical examinations.

    And in order to get a taxi driver’s license, you need to contact Deptrans with the following set of documents :

    • power of attorney for the right to dispose of a car,
    • application for a license,
    • certificate of registration of the machine,
    • identification.

    Now a question that the journalist did not ask Liksutov:

    But what's the point of all this? Which of the requirements of the law for a legal taxi justifies the need to force working people to drop everything and go collect papers for Deptrans - checkers on the back, an orange flashlight or a taximeter? Maybe it's all a pre-trip physical examination? I wonder how drivers will have to organize this - and how and who will control and verify this?

    As a frequent and long-time user of Uber, as well as a regular and experienced citizen of our beautiful country, where life is becoming more and more fun and fun, I will notice that I trust the company’s quality standards, forged and maintained in conditions of rather fierce competition in large cities, much more than the written requirements of the law. It is unlikely that driver licensing will affect the cost of travel - the service should be free, and the extra day spent on it will affect the earnings of drivers, not mine — but in this case it’s a shame for the nation. Putting a stick in the wheel of a service that so far manages to maintain the unity of service standards is much better than competitors, when heaps of bombs crowded at any metro station, it’s at least strange to talk about any taxes and licenses. Reminds a proverb about those

    Lyrical digression about corruption

    The piquancy of the requirements of Deptrans is added by the fact that a huge number of rather muddy organizations feed on the licensing market for taxi drivers.It’s enough to google something like “getting a Moscow taxi license” to see that the link to the Deptrans website is far from the first. On some sites they directly write: “we do not sell licenses, we only help with registration”, which in our reality means, as a rule, the exact opposite: “we don’t trade rights, we only help with exams”, “we don’t sell military tickets, but we only help with deferrals ”, etc. I don’t know what this means - those who actually received a taxi driver’s license should comment - I can only speculate out loud: if there is a service, then there is a demand for it, which means that it is not so simple to obtain a license as Liksutov would like. I suggest two possible reasons for such suggestions:

    • or getting a taxi license is not so easy, since intermediaries are needed (as a rule, in such circumstances, the officials responsible for the licenses share with the intermediaries),
    • or these organizations are needed in order to organize the obtaining of licenses by those who are not suitable for the requirements of the law - also a common phenomenon that completely devalues ​​the meaning of the license as such.

    One other does not completely exclude, by the way, both factors can perfectly coexist. One way or another, if Deptrans sells Uber (and then they don’t stop at it), then this will definitely be a good gift to all these desks. But who else, apart from them and Deptrans, would benefit from this? Business? Consumers? Yes, I’m sitting right there and waiting for Mr. Liksutov to come to save me from global business with international quality standards - otherwise, God forbid, I’ll get used to it.

    Returning to Uber

    This story is also interesting in that the checkers on the machine directly contradict the standards of Uber, which positions itself as a “personal driver service”, i.e. about any checkers there can be no question - on Liksutov's official car there are probably no checkers and an orange lantern. Therefore, the development of events may be the most radical, if Uber goes to the principle, and then Deptrans goes to the principle. Here another question arises: how will they be banned? The Moscow office of the company will be smashed, ILV orders the application to ban providers or, as is now customary, will Cossack patrols go hunting for Uber drivers? In general, it may be interesting.

    PS This is not a panegyric to “I will clean” as such: about their application, I would probably even write another post “ What is wrong with ..."- but usability weaknesses are usability weaknesses, and when a government agency comes to a business that pays taxes and forces its drivers to pay taxes, and demands" but let us take our mind off your business, collect a bunch of pieces of paper and put an orange lantern on top of your head "- well , it is annoying. It is unlikely that this will add incentives to improve the quality of competitors if Uber is crushed by administrative measures.

    PPS I won’t be surprised if it’s all just started for the sake of Deptrans access to the data of the tracks of Uber cars. Then it turns out just like in the old joke about Stalin and repainting the Kremlin in green .

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