Borsch and mashed meat - Muscovites' favorite space food


    Muscovites' interest in space is not weakening, and is expressed even through the gastronomic channels of knowledge of the world. The project of vending machines for the sale of “real space food” from ZAO “Space Nutrition Laboratory” was successful. The laboratory is expanding the geography of its vending machines - it is possible that soon these machines will appear in Moscow universities and gas stations .

    We wrote about the beginning of the project in February 2015 . Then the first vending machine selling food for astronauts, packaged in tubes, appeared in the Cosmos pavilion at VDNKh. It was planned that it will work until the end of March - however, interested visitors bought all the products in a week. In April, it was again installed at VDNKh - this time in the Polytechnic pavilion .

    Since September, such devices appeared in the Moscow planetarium. One device was installed at the Leningrad station , and the laboratory is studying the demand for their products in order to solve the problem of distribution to other stations in the capital.


    The assortment of each space food device usually includes dishes such as borsch, pickle, pickled lamb (temporarily discontinued), and cottage cheese with fruit puree. One tube costs 300 rubles. At the same time, according to Andrei Vedernikov, Director General of CJSC “Space Nutrition Laboratory”, borsch and mashed meat are in the greatest demand .

    “During the operation of space food devices in Moscow, it was found that borshch became a sales leader by far, meat puree in second place, and pork and vegetables in third. Mutton was also in great demand, but at the moment its production has been suspended due to price increases, ”Vedernikov explained.

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