Hydrogen fuel cells increase multicopter flight time by 6 times

    Intelligent Energy's British engineers have announced a solution to one of the burning problems of multirotors - too short flight times due to insufficient battery capacity. The British offer hydrogen fuel cells specially optimized for flying drones.

    According to experts from Intelligent Energy, adding their fuel cell to a conventional multicopter battery extends the flight time on a single charge from 20 minutes to two hours. And then you can simply and quickly replace the cells with charged ones.

    The company promises to present the results of annual experiments with different UAV models and with options for combining batteries and fuel cells at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January next year.

    Intelligent Energy is developing hydrogen fuel cells for a wide range of electronic devices, from airplanes to scooters. In August, the company introduced a prototype iPhone 6 , redoing it to work on fuel cells. According to them, the phone worked without recharging for a week (just like my button Nokia).

    The craze for multicopter over the past few years is reaching more and more people. Enthusiasts shoot beautiful videos with pendant cameras . The authorities are taking measures to ensure that these UAVs do not interfere with the work of special services . The US Federal Aviation Administration has already announced the mandatory registration of all drones weighing more than 250 grams.

    But there were already aircraft using hydrogen ...

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