Smartphone Zuk Z1. That ZUK

    New Year's Eve 2015 was rich in new items. Lenovo's subsidiary called Zuk has launched a powerful smartphone on the market aimed at an advanced audience. Even a cursory glance at the specification gives reason to assert that the new product was a success - it literally incorporates all of Lenovo's latest chips. At the same time, the price cannot but please, especially in comparison with the prices of flagship devices with similar characteristics. But first things first.


    Outwardly, the phone is very nice, with rounded edges of the back cover and a metal frame.
    It weighs 175 grams, length 155.7 mm, width 77.3 mm, smartphone thickness 8.9 mm, its metal frame 6.1 mm. In general, it’s quite a pleasant phone in my hand. The smartphone comes in two colors: white and space gray.


    The performance characteristics of the smartphone look impressive and seem to be able to satisfy everyone: from the demanding performance geek to the selfie lover in the dark interior of the party.

    • Support 2 nanoSIM cards, automatic switching between SIM cards. Due to automatic switching in the settings of the smartphone, you can set the rule with which SIM the Internet connection will take place, and with which - the voice will be used, thereby combining the prices of communication services that are favorable to the user and saving. Speaking of the Internet - the smartphone supports 4G LTE.

    • 5.5-inch IPS Full HD 1920x1080 screen with anti-end fingerprint coating. IPS technology provides wide viewing angles (about 180 degrees), which means that games, videos and photos can be watched not only in good quality, but also in any position of the phone. Color reproduction due to the same IPS-matrix is ​​almost perfect. Of course, all these bright 5.5 inches are quite energy-intensive, but with a 4100 mAh battery this is not able to scare.

    • On board the smartphone is Android 5.1.1 + Cyanogen OS 12.1 , which has long outgrown from the firmware into the operating system, which is responsible for power consumption and security. Cyanogen OS gives the user the ability to customize the entire interface, applications, wallpapers, fonts, icons and external applications. New Cyanogen OS 12.1 - option LiveDisplay, - intelligently adjusts the brightness and contrast of the screen. The Cyanogen system is also equipped with a new browser that speeds up the search process and claims a higher level of security than other developers. In general, there is something to play with and configure the phone in a way that is convenient for you.

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 2.5 GHz - a powerful productive processor, with a faster CPU core than the 800 version.

    • 64 GB of internal memory and 3 GB of RAM - a great amount for a smartphone. Of the minuses - the lack of a slot for installing an external memory card.

    • Battery 4100 mAh, Li-Ion theoretically provides 12 hours of Internet, 48 hours of calls on 4G networks, 120 hours of music, 15 hours of video playback. By the way, the battery has a trapezoidal shape and fits very neatly under a curved cover.

    • The main camera of 13 megapixels and the front camera of 8 megapixels are also quite good in their characteristics. The front camera (for you, selfie lovers) uses BSI technology, so it has high light sensitivity and provides normal exposure and low noise even in low light. It is just suitable for shooting yourself, your beloved, and your company in the muffled light of New Year's parties and corporate parties.

    • The fingerprint scanner (U-Touch) takes care of the security of the device in the wrong hands and recognizes the owner by fingerprints.

    • Buns like GPS, GLONASS, very fast USB 3.0, light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and other stuffing typical of a smartphone are included.

    As you can see, there is something to measure against competitors.


    On December 10, 2015, official sales of the new ZUK Z1 smartphone from the Lenovo subsidiary will start on The model, which is not particularly inferior to the flagship Lenovo VIBE Shot, but in some ways superior to it, is already sold in Western Europe and the Middle East, and since December 7, applications for pre-ordering new items have been launched .

    JD Global, an authorized partner of the ZUK brand, became the first distributor of the Z1 model in Russia. Smartphone sales will be carried out through the retail part of - JD Collection - which provides an official guarantee for Russian consumers, free delivery, as well as the ability to return the device without explanation for 30 days after receiving the order.

    The special cost of ZUK Z1 on isjust $ 299 . Additionally, from December 7 to 10, JD Collection accepts pre-order applications from users, the design of which is a guarantee of receiving a unique coupon for a discount of $ 70. The special offer is dedicated to the JD Global New Year's sales, however, it should be borne in mind that the volume of planned goods within the framework of sales is limited.

    Hurry up to join 2379 who ordered ZUK Z1! High technology in the new year is a good omen :-)

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