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    Recently, the economic situation in our country is not the best, which does not contribute to a favorable criminogenic situation in general, and I think that if you even read local news sometimes, you notice that there are more criminal news. That's why I began to think about the safety of my home, especially after I read in the VK group of our house how there were quite a few robberies. Here the role was played by the fact that the house was relatively recently commissioned and after repairs it is still often possible to meet the so-called guest workers, and since the neighbors have not yet become familiar and few people know each other's faces, very few people will turn to suspicious individuals Attention. My idea was simple to collect a musical call on raspberries by simultaneously tucking a video camera into the case and tracking all incoming calls with a notification on the phone and their photo. But ... Suddenly, in the subject, a device called “Photoalarm” from the Dadget company turned up for my review, which I immediately started to test.


    To begin with, I would like to say a few words about packaging, as a professional designer, I like such packaging, outwardly it is quite informative and attractive. There is no point in describing it specifically; everything is visible in the photograph. let's get started with an overview of what's inside.

    And inside we have a Spartan set of a beginner home security
    guard : - the photo alarm itself with batteries already inserted but not activated
    - the instruction is naturally in Russian
    - a key fob for controlling the photo alarm
    and a piece of plastic Welcro with mushrooms from 3M that fell over a cardboard box (I later found it , so it’s not in the photo)

    Outwardly, the type of photo signaling reminded me of standard external motion sensors that are often hung in stores, but in addition there is a camera window and infrared LEDs above the sensor. There are only 3 buttons on the remote control: lock, unlock and asterisk.
    The asterisk is used in only one case - to exit the programming mode during the initial alarm setup.

    Inside we see 2 AA batteries, a slot for a standard SIM card and a button that you want to press right away :)

    Well, the instruction itself. Direct and merciless instructions with clearly described processes in a dry technical language, well, what else to expect from it. Although it seems to me everything is going to simplify, and soon such instructions will already be a rarity. But here it is necessary, because you don’t know what and how to do it, you simply won’t turn on the alarm and do not activate it. But the plus is a detailed description of the solution to the problem with MTS SIM cards, thank God I have a beeline for signaling, and it catches better at home.

    Before setting up, let me describe another device from this series that is not included, but which can be purchased separately. This is, in principle, a very useful device whose name is SIREN.

    It looks very simple, and inside it does not shine with complexity.

    It has a standard 95dB tweeter for sirens of this type, a CR123A battery of 3 Volts, a kind of electronic filling waiting for a signal from the alarm and an antenna, in principle, everything. This beauty comes in a soft blister with instructions and a small bolt in the kit.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention the jumper, which is located at the bottom right. When the jumper is closed, when the alarm is armed / disarmed, the siren will not give a short signal, in principle it is a convenient function and if you plan to use this kit at home, you probably should not remove this jumper. I definitely didn’t do this, because I often leave very early and my neighbors don’t need to know about it :)

    The first test and setup I did without a siren. At first, the setup seems a little tricky, although in principle nothing complicated. You need to insert a SIM card in the alarm, remove the protective check from the batteries, register the key fob and send a prepared SMS with the name of this alarm and your e-mail to the alarm number to receive notifications. 3 minutes are allotted for all manipulations and you feel like a kind of sapper mine clearing the explosive mechanism, what if you fail? Moreover, to reset to factory settings, you need to remove the batteries for 2 minutes.
    In general, on the standard settings after registration, we have:
    - too early triggering of photographs after motion detection
    - frequent SMS sending of any action with an alarm (arming / disarming, etc.)
    - dialing your number in case of alarm + sending SMS and photos to the mail.

    Previously, triggering photographs looks like this:

    The front door opened slightly and the photo has already been sent, who entered the territory is unclear. I had to disconnect the device for 2 minutes and start all over again. Here, by the way, there is a minus, you cannot make settings on the fly, at least as described in the instructions. All manipulations are performed at the time of the first inclusion, and only in the interval of 3 minutes. But there is a detailed description of all codes that can be changed. I turned off notifications about arming / disarming, as well as SMS about alarm, leaving only a dialer and a photo. Plus, I increased the triggering interval of photographing and also wanted the second photo to be sent after another short period of time, but the roofing felts did not fit in 3 minutes, the roofing felts didn’t understand something and I still get only one photo if that.

    An example of SMS communication with an alarm:

    In general, since by the time of the second setting of the battery isolation check, they had been lost and they were sitting there tightly and just couldn’t put a piece of paper in there, I had to remove the batteries, and at the same time I checked how this happens, is it easy to replace them. And you know, sticking it out with your hands, nails, and even the edge of the cap does not work. Need a screwdriver or something like that, the clamps are there for the military so that the soldiers do not ruin :)

    But there is an image of how to place the batteries, otherwise I thought that only the color of the cambrices on the clamps indicates this.

    With the new parameters, the faces of uninvited guests can be seen perfectly, of course, provided that after the door is opened the person will immediately come in (you still need to deal with the multi-photograph), but even the notification of unauthorized entry, you must agree, it’s worth a lot.

    Example 1 (when the light is on):

    Example 2 (in complete darkness with backlight from the corridor): Of

    course, the photographs are not intruders, but they look like from police reports.

    What do we have in the end.

    Photo-alarm for your money is very useful and fully justifies its value. Such devices with good marketing are many times more expensive. The same thing is an unpretentious and autonomous system with disadvantages typical for the budget segment. But I think if a person thinks of a good alarm and security, then he will put the apartment or house on the remote control with multi-circuit protection and signal duplication. Here, a simple GSM jammer is enough for the alarm system to not be able to notify about penetration. Ideally for her, there will be protection for example dachas, where the contingent of intruders is very simple and does not think about high technologies. A photo of these intruders will contribute to their capture. My colleague, by the way, had a case of a country robbery,

    As a bonus, I recorded a video about how everything works + the operation of the siren. I warn the most attentive at once: assembled from two takes, the reluctance was to make a lot of noise, and the dog too painfully reacts to the siren.

    And in a good tradition, I thank the company Dadget for the goods provided for the review, and also, all readers of the site have the opportunity to purchase a new photoalarm with a 10% discount using the GEEKT-FOTO code , which is valid 14 days from the date of publication of this article.
    The photo alarm is here .
    And the siren is here .

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