12 unusual gadgets for tourists

    We welcome the development of technology and the diversity of household gadgets with two hands, because the “smart” devices are designed to facilitate the solution of everyday tasks and simplify our lives. Technology "lends us" a helping hand at home, in the office, on the way to work, on a walk, on a run, on a picnic - anywhere! But the usefulness of some devices is sometimes difficult to explain. We analyze the strangest gadgets for outdoor recreation, whose benefits border on the absurd.

    Cup holder with flashlight

    The device performs three important functions - it cools the drink from an aluminum can, prevents the dishes from slipping out of the palm of your hand and ... glows. Developers, are you serious? The use of a mini fridge on a picnic can still be rationally explained, but the flashlight built into the cup holder? A rather strange thing, if you consider it as an alternative to a good-old glass or a non-spill mug.

    Multifunctional swiss knife

    No, in the previous sentence there is no tautology. The inventors of the giant Wenger knife apparently decided to surpass the tool, which for many has become synonymous with the word "universality". For two and a few thousand dollars we are offered a super-multi-tool, the number of retractable parts of which is crazy - the tool is more like a dozen Swiss knives stacked in a pile. There are the necessary blades, and screwdrivers, carbines, saws, pliers, clamps, drills, chisels and much more. Everything is fine, but this device weighs more than a kilogram, and it takes up a lot of space in a backpack.

    Offroad segway

    Perhaps those who can afford to ride such a vehicle for $ 7,000 are unlikely to ride it in the woods or mountains. Segway SUV - it sounds weird. Given that the gadget will not overpower every broken road or forest edge covered with tree roots, and what to do with a two-wheeled unit when the battery suddenly runs out?

    Skewer for making marshmallows

    Cooking marshmallows at the stake is a constant attribute of all hiking and picnics in the United States. Usually, ordinary sticks or skewers are used for these purposes, but there is an advanced alternative to these simple things. A “toaster” for marshmallows consists of a handle with a button and a long pin with several tips. To fry a little marshmallow, you just need to reach out with the gadget to the fire and press the button - the marshmallow will rotate like a chicken on the grill. Why is this absurd invention, I think, no need to explain.


    Cooking barbecue and other food in the sunlight is the purpose of the next gadget, the GoSun solar barbecue. The device consists of two plates receiving sun rays, between them a tube with a skewer is installed. In theory, the streams of sunlight that are collected using mirror plates can heat food to a high temperature equivalent to the temperature of the fire. In fact, it is very unlikely. Gourmets are aware that for an ideal kebab you have to work with a bonfire for more than one hour. What are you saying there, the energy of the sun?

    Kitchen whisk

    A typical item from the kitchen of every housewife or cook is a kitchen whisk. GCI Outdoors, a travel tourism company, introduced an innovative device that at first glance resembles a retractable blade knife. Only in the form of a blade are several plastic rods with which you can beat eggs, flour or mix ingredients in the retractable state. It’s rather unusual to cook complex dishes in nature, and if you have to, a normal whisk or, at worst, a spoon can come down.

    Camping Coffee Pot

    Some coffee lovers often spit in the direction of coffee machines and appliances that make the preparation of the drink automated. I'm afraid the Coleman QuikPot gadget would not tolerate any criticism from coffee lovers. The device looks like an ordinary coffee maker, the difference is that Coleman QuikPot runs on propane and is designed for picnics in nature. Ground coffee and water are loaded into the machine, and then the gadget will do everything by itself using gas. The device can be hated, if only because it completely kills all the romance of cooking at the stake.


    Camping Snomaster refrigerator can be called a portable stretch. A household appliance can cool food to -18 degrees, but weighs more than 7 kg. With a full load, its weight will increase two times. When there are much cheaper alternatives in the form of cooler bags, and every kilogram on a trip matters, it hardly makes sense to drag this colossus to a picnic or to the forest.

    Tent for animals

    Have you ever seen tourists take small pets - hamsters, parrots, cats - with them to nature? It turns out there are such people. Well, or the creators of a special tent for cats are confident in their existence. The tent-cage has strong mesh walls and is attached to the ground using stakes. Why you can’t keep a poor animal in an ordinary tent and why drag a pet to nature in general is a mystery.

    Tourist toilet

    The following device is a rim for the toilet, which is attached to the car at the rear. Yes, it works exactly as you thought: to cope with a great need, you just need to strengthen the rim to the towbar of the car and choose a place for your dirty business. Best of all, away from roads and open spaces, if you do not want to be damned by other tourists.

    Mattress player

    Why embed a player with speakers in a regular mattress? The creators of the unusual Coleman Quickbed with MP3 lounger are sure that before going to bed it is useful to listen to music, and therefore have installed a whole mini-sauna system in their mattress. Tell them someone that the vast majority of people have a smartphone with a player or a regular radio.

    Sleeping bag suit

    The unusual Selk'bag sleeping bag completely repeats the outlines of the human body and looks like stitched boots, pants and a jacket with a hood sewn together. I doubt that it will be very comfortable to dream in such a bag - it is not for nothing that they advise you to sleep as bare as possible so that the body rests overnight. And in the case of a night lift, a person who has departed in such a suit for little need will resemble a huge telepuzik or bigfoot.

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