Google I / O 2015: what to expect from a meeting with Google this year?

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    Technology companies like to present surprises, most of which are being prepared somewhere in the bowels of corporations, and they will be handed out only when the time has come to make a loud statement about the new product. Of course, there are information leaks (for the most part, intentional, like phones forgotten in bars).

    Google often reports on news that no one expects, most often this happens at the Google I / O conference. This year I / O will be held from May 28 to May 29, and at the event itself, a lot of interesting things can be announced . What exactly will be shown - no one knows yet, but we will try to guess.

    Android M

    Google is actively working on a draft operating system for connected devices and systems. Such systems can be both coffee makers and smart cars. Google is not the only company working on the IoT OS, but Google already has the usual Android, Android Wear for wearable devices. Now, apparently, Android M, the OS for the Internet of Things, will also appear.

    Previously, the announcement of this OS was indicated in the I / O schedule, but then the mention of it was removed. Nevertheless, we can say with almost 100% certainty that Android M will be introduced.

    Chromecast 2

    New gadgets are always interesting. Now, many users of the first generation Chromecast expect the appearance of an updated device. There is no doubt, if this device appears on the market, it will have many new solutions, including, for example, the 802.11 AC communication module and 5GHz Wi-Fi, plus support for 4K video.

    Android TV

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    If you need a new TV, you can be sure that a large number of models with a new software platform will appear soon. Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google based on Android 5.0. The system can be used both to work in the TVs themselves, and in media players.

    For the first time about this platform it became known on Google I / O 2014, now the company's engineers continue to improve the system.

    At the current conference, most likely, an updated system will be presented.

    Android Auto

    In addition to Android M, which will work for the benefit of users of connected devices, development of a specialized OS for cars is also ongoing. Here we are talking not only about robotic vehicles, but also about ordinary cars. It is still unknown whether a full-fledged system for cars will be presented, but it will be possible to learn about this very soon.

    Android Wear

    Here several options are possible - both the introduction of the updated Android Wear platform (we do not forget that the company recently released a new version), which is still far from ideal, and the announcement of some gadgets that belong to the “wearable electronics” category. Maybe it will be a fitness tracker, or maybe a Nexus smart watch.

    Recent improvements to Google Fit may indirectly indicate the imminent release of new gadgets with Android Wear on board.

    Google glass 2

    Rumors of Google Glass 2 smart glasses have been around for a long time. At the head of the project is the creator of the smart Nest thermostat, who promised to start from scratch and not leave “sacred cows” in the process of working on the second generation of Google Glass.

    However, there is some doubt that the new smart glasses will be presented now.

    Google photos

    Google is currently working on a new photo hosting service that will include many of the features from Google+. Advanced photo editing, support for major media players, an interface - all this can be presented on Google I / O 2015.

    ATAP Group

    The Google Advanced Technology and Projects division is behind the creation of the Ara modular smartphone project , and this group also worked on the Tango 3D scanning system. Will a modular smartphone or something else be presented? We don’t know, but it would be nice.

    What else?

    Most likely, the developers will present new solutions for the smart home, including software and hardware IoT projects. Perhaps we will see the new Nexus, but this is very unlikely.

    Medgadgets will be broadcasting events from I / O 2015, so don't miss it. There will be many interesting things, there can be no doubt.

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