Do it yourself: Apple Watch in the style of Apple II

    Smart watches from Apple, which only the lazy are not talking about now, could look very different if they were released 20-30 years ago. Naturally, then the technologies were different, and it would be difficult to achieve the current miniatureness and functionality of smart watches. A team of electronics lovers decided to create a smart watch made in the style of Apple II. And this watch works!

    Naturally, this is a kind of parody - quite modern tools and technologies, such as 3D printing, were used to create the device. But still, the project turned out to be interesting - there is even a “Digital Crown”. The clock shows time and simple images.

    Plus, the developers equipped even two floppy disks (or rather, their dummy), which Apple could not achieve. It all works on Arduino with Teensy 3.1. Device functions are controlled using Digital Crown. When the lever is rotated, the menu screens change. To select the desired menu item, press the lever button.

    In addition to time, the menu has the following subcategories: fitness, images, weather, music, phone book and file manager. True, most menu items simply show a new picture or some text. As for floppy disks, these are 7/8-inch models. The color scheme of the case is specially selected to be similar to the colors of the PC cases of the 80s.

    Detailed instructions on the process of creating such watches are published by the authors on their website . And here is the process of creating an MOS 6502 emulator (processor from Apple II) based on Arduino.

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