The radio amateur who received the eclipse photo from the Meteor-M2 satellite was invited to work in the CSW

    A signal from

    Dmitry Pashkov was received from this satellite , which was able to independently receive photographs of the solar eclipse (the passage of the moon’s shadow across the Earth, in the region of Norway) from the Meteor-M2 satellite, and they were invited to work with the RCC. Perhaps, after some time, Dmitry will move from the Mordovian town of Ruzayevka to Moscow, writes MK .

    On March 20, Dmitry managed to receive satellite signals belonging to Roskosmos and to decrypt these signals by receiving a clear photo. As mentioned earlier, the signals of this and many other satellites are not encrypted, so you can get data from them, subject to certain experience, level of knowledge and availability of equipment. Specifically, this device operates under the "Outer Space" program. In order to facilitate the task of decoding raw files, the radio amateur asked the appropriate software from the developers of Meteor. In addition, he had to get a few more software packages to process the information received.

    Dmitry received this photo by decoding a satellite signal

    It is worth noting that Dmitry’s equipment is quite high quality. So, he has a rather expensive software-tuned radio. There is also a mast for attaching the antenna, a rotary device to it, as well as a silver-plated high-frequency cable for receiving a high-quality signal. From home-made devices - a signal amplifier and antennas, which Dmitry made of aluminum tubes.

    Dmitry's home workplace

    His passion for satellites was not in vain - after the news of the independent receipt and decoding of the satellite signal appeared, Dmitry Rulin, the head of the RCC, phoned. The General Director invited Dmitry to the enterprises - to assess the situation, and possibly stay to work.

    “Just imagine, the guy essentially did on his own what a whole department in our unit does, the Scientific Center for Operational Monitoring of the Earth!” Said RKS spokesman Roman Kirillov.

    Thus, there is a fairly high probability that Dmitry will soon be able to change his place of residence, having moved to Moscow for an interesting job. By the way, now he works as a system administrator at the Ruzaevsky Polytechnic College.

    Via MK , Natalia Vedeneeva .

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