Video post: wonders of robotics

    Experts predict (or scare) that one of the main scientific trends in the next few years will be the development of artificial intelligence technologies. But what kind of AI without bodily incarnation? Hearing the phrase "artificial intelligence", many imagine robots with bad intentions, a stone in the bosom, I'll be back, that's all. We hope that this will not come to this. After all, we, like all sane and progressive humanity, love robots in general, as a class. And today we bring to your attention a selection of various videos, one way or another dedicated to robots and other mechanical creations.


    You can have a different attitude to Transformers. Opinions are often divided into two categories: “Very Cool” and “What Nonsense”. But nevertheless, everyone agrees with one statement - “Transformers” are damn spectacular. At the same time, a peculiar inverse relationship is observed between the scope and the riot on the screen and the interest. From the point of view of the plot, there is nothing good to say about the last part, but just look at the beauty, the blood of the gut, everyone ... was torn.

    Samurai from the assembly shop

    Industrial robots are often quite boring machines from a philistine point of view: they are inconspicuous, sharpened only for a specific operation, they work monotonously, no intrigue. The performances of these industrial robots from ABB Robotics look all the more unexpected:


    A very interesting fantastic animated movie about a kind of race of robots that inhabit a lifeless planet.

    Nightmare gingerbread man

    A small, fragile-looking platform with six servomotors allows you to hold the ball at any given point, as well as roll it along a given path.

    Folk car

    An interesting video from Volkswagen, which beautifully shows the different stages of assembly of the car. Especially successful were the scenes with various automated sections saturated with all kinds of robots, moving with the efficiency of surgeons.

    Mechanical tentacle

    At the sight of this robot, many associations arise, of which only a small part can be voiced in a decent society. So let's stop at the "earthworm."

    Mechanical birds

    And finally, we want to share with you a selection of videos not with robots, but with kinetic sculptures and animatrons. The authors of most of them were inspired by examples from wildlife. A bewitching sight.

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