In Colorado, a man was arrested for commenting on Youtube

    In Colorado, USA, the FBI arrested a man for commenting on YouTube. The comment contained threats against the police. After Google employees reported it to the FBI on December 17, the service calculated by ip the sender of the comment, which turned out to be a resident of Colorado Springs, 33-year-old Jeremaya Perez. In the event of a trial, Peres could face up to 5 years in prison. Perez himself admitted that he posted this comment.

    The post was triggered by riots associated with the sensational murder of Michael Brown, a black Missouri teenager shot dead by police in August. In a comment under the nickname “Vets Hunting Cops,” Perez wrote that “their group has already killed six useless retired police officers and is about to kill two more in Colorado this week.” “We veterans will kill police for every innocently killed citizen.” As the representative of the US federal attorney said : “Perez knew that the police would see his record and that his intention was to scare the servants of the law. The apparent anonymity on the Internet will not serve as a shield to those who support violence. ”

    The death of a black teenager from a policeman’s bullets during execution gave rise to large-scale riots and protests on racial grounds in the United States. A few days ago, a black American killed two policemen, and on December 24, another black teenager was killed by police at a St. Louis gas station.

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