Your Samsung Smart TV is spying on you

    Carefully select the words spoken near the TV. After all, he can eavesdrop.

    Samsung has confirmed that their smart TVs listen to every word of the user, so customers are not advised to discuss personal information with them.

    Samsung said that the voice activation feature on smart TVs captures all nearby conversations. Devices can exchange information, including confidential data, directly with Samsung, as well as third-party services, reports .

    This news came after Shane Harris in The Daily Beastexpressed concern about Samsung’s privacy policy: “Please note that if you say something, including confidential information, it will be among the data transmitted to third parties.”

    Samsung explained how the voice activation function works: “if the consumer agrees and uses the voice recognition function, the data will be provided to a third party for the requested search for voice commands. Voice data is sent to the server, which searches for the requested content, and then displays the necessary information on the TV screen. ”

    The company added that it does not save or sell voice data. But they did not name an intermediary , with the help of which it recognizes and processes users ’speech.

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