Opening of the Steel hackspace

    In the course of further development of my idea with an electric scooter start-up, by the will of fate, I happened to attend the opening of the Moscow hackspace / coworking "Steel" on the territory of the former All-Russian Exhibition Center VDNH. This event took place on July 17 in Pavilion 322, starting at 18.00 and lasting until 6.00 (already on July 18). According to the project of the organizers, it is planned to implement a technological space in the building, equipped with all the necessary equipment to create a working prototype in the field of the Internet of things, microelectrotransport and energy efficiency. Actually, in the future I will consider this institution from the perspective of the upcoming prototyping - since in September it is planned to equip the hackspace with the appropriate equipment. In the meantime, I managed to admire the hackspace with colormet and blast furnacesat the ceremonial release stage.

    So, grabbing a DSLR with a fast aperture and putting on a Wasserman vest filled with two mirrorless cameras, an camera and a few more gadgets, I rushed to the event.

    I managed to arrive shortly before the start of the event, thanks to which I was able to capture the exposition with the equipment already available, until the hiccups managed to occupy it.

    Basically, there are now placed a variety of wide-format plotters and 3D printers. I hope that CNC machines, high-precision welding machines, pipe benders, sheet benders and hydraulic presses will be delivered by autumn. Although it is not a fact that supporters of the Internet of things and energy efficiency share a similar desire for metalworking. Well, let's hope for the development of the institution mainly in the direction of a warm tube hackspace, rather than a glamorous casual coworking.

    And for the moment, the future plans have been voiced with enthusiastic speeches by the organizers of the hackspace and high-ranking metropolitan figures as part of the official part of the event.

    Further, the unofficial part followed, during which I managed to encounter a lot of interesting things. For starters, I went to the technology showroom, where the cream of electric transport of our glorious defaults gathered. As it turned out, the country has already launched mass production of fairly compact folding electric bikes.

    Regarding the production localization of the product, success was achieved mainly in the bicycle aspect, because almost the entire bicycle kit is produced at domestic factories. But the electric component is almost wholly ordered in the Middle Kingdom, but purposeful work is underway to localize the production of motor wheels, controllers and battery assemblies.

    The electric transport product itself was captured in more detail on an open-air site located in front of the entrance to the building.

    Not without test drive this miracle of engineering.

    In general, the gadget seemed rather ergonomic and light. At least, in comparison with my pig-iron scooter rhinoceros from china, which has a significantly shorter wheelbase and weighs 1.5 times more. A little confused by the slight slippage at startup (apparently the controller was configured for heavier riders) and the absence of shock absorbers (although this factor greatly simplifies the design and greatly facilitates the product), the rest was very pleased with the electric.

    In the hall of the building, in addition to the electric bike described above, there were a number of two-wheeled vehicles, including comrade gadgets, which arrived on such a rainy day by their own electric and non-mechanical vehicles.

    And when I got to the second floor - it turned out that in addition to electric transport, there were several more (also like domestic) entertaining gadgets at the event.

    Later I discovered that I was not alone here so unique with an action camera. Apparently, pretty soon it will become a trend to have an action camera with you at such events ... Well, I hope the release of domestic action cameras is just around the corner.

    When I reached the third floor of the observation deck, I suddenly began to bite my elbows on the occasion that I did not bring a telephoto lens with me. Unfortunately, it turned out that at the event all the other owners of the DSLRs were without exception with the Canons, and there was simply no one to borrow the Nikon TV set for a short while.

    In the meantime, the inhabitants of the upper floors were piloted by quadrocopters, on the open-air platform, test drives of several copies of the folding domestic electric bike were in full swing.

    During busy bike rides, electric transporters suddenly appeared from somewhere under the heavens on gyroboards, generously sharing them with the audience for test driving.

    Graceful young ladies were one of the first volunteers to test these exotic gadgets:

    - Tall blonde

    - Colorful brunette

    - And a miniature brown-haired woman

    A little later on the site there were still a unicycle, a segway and a pair of scooters ... And in the meantime, a small improvised round table of electric vehicles led by Aleksey, who was already prototyping his ultra-compact scooter project under the conditions of hack space, was taking place in the showroom.

    When the time was approaching midnight and it was scheduled for rain, most electric vehicles began to gradually go home.

    And the exposition with equipment and the second floor was still quite lively.

    To my surprise, they didn’t spin the heavy bomber so expected for an institution with a similar name ... But it would be rather harmonious, for example, to reflect on AC brushless motors and DC brush motors with AC / DC music, or to discuss on White Zombie the topic of revitalizing the domestic real sector. There was (in principle, sincere) unstressed electronics, which, quite sleepy that day, prompted me to gather a little towards the house.

    And in conclusion of the story, I would like to thank the organizers of this technological space for their titanic works and express hope for the further development of start-up construction in the country in the real sector.

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    Which of these three areas, in your opinion, will serve as the richest soil for startups in the real sector?

    • 33% Internet of Things 38
    • 33% Electric transport 38
    • 13.9% Energy Efficiency 16
    • 14.7% I am at a loss from these three to choose something prevailing 17
    • 5.2% All three areas are not very promising compared to (I will indicate in the comment) 6

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