Architects designed a skyscraper that does not cast shadows

    Architects from the London company NBBJ tried to create a way that will get rid of the shadow of skyscrapers. Computer simulation was used to design a pair of buildings, one of which works like a giant curved mirror. It is important to note that the reflected light must be a diffused rather than a focused beam that can cause burns.


    Architects have introduced various building requirements for office and residential space into Rhinoceros software. The program was used to create structures that maximize light reflected to the ground. The architects performed several iterations, changing the design, and received buildings of a suitable shape. One of the developers noted that the creation of structures resembles working with clay. The final design reduces shadow from buildings to 60%.

    Architects plan to use this concept for the construction of a pair of buildings in Greenwich, UK, at the prime meridian . To build a similar project in any other place, you need to change the data on the position of the Sun. The approach can be useful in large cities in the USA, China and India.


    Using mirrors to combat shadow is far from a new idea. In the Norwegian Ryukan, which is half a year in the shadow of the mountains surrounding it, three mirrors of 17 square meters illuminate the city: although the method was used only in 2013, the idea of ​​1913 became its basis . Sydney’s One Central Park uses mobile mirrors to combat shadow.

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