Good post books

    And let's get some good books here that were just worth collecting.
    The bottom line is that it’s just been a long time ago to put good books in one post so that you have something to read on the road - or just for the soul.


    Gorky Park loves books and everything related to them. And we love everything smart and crazy. Therefore, when we began to make a growth "Dzhengu" for the park, we decided to make it out of books. To make players interested and reread or read.

    Just then, our team was on the road, so we sat in a cafe shopping center and named 3-5 books that we really wanted to reread. The list went to the designer’s mail and we forgot about it. About 15 minutes. Because then, it seems, everyone who found out about his existence asked him to be sent. I’ll put the list below, but the point is not in it.

    Our list is here. He is strange.
    • “The Master and Margarita” - M. Bulgakov
    • “Anna Karenina” - L. Tolstoy
    • Steel Rat - Harry Harrison
    • “Nose” - N. Gogol
    • “Deniskins Stories” - V. Dragunsky
    • “Chuck and Huck” - A. Gaidar
    • “Dunno on the Moon” - N. Nosov
    • Goodbye Weapons - E. Hemingway
    • The Great Gatsby - Francis Scott Fitzgerald
    • “Gifts of the Magi” - O. Henry
    • "Village" - Kir Bulychev
    • “The country of crimson clouds” - Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
    • “The Reserve” - S. Dovlatov
    • "The Tale of Hodge Nasreddin" - L. Solovyov (this book is also called "Troublemaker")
    • “The Moment of Truth” - V. Bogomolov
    • "1984" - D. Orwell
    • “Space Odyssey” - A. Clark
    • “Three in a boat, not counting a dog” - Jerome K. Jerome
    • “12 Chairs” - I. Ilf, E. Petrov
    • “Alice in Wonderland” - L. Carroll
    • “Dune” - F. Herbert
    • A Study in Scarlet - Arthur Conan Doyle
    • "Count of Monte Cristo" - A. Dumas
    • “Conduit and Swabber” - L. Cassil
    • "Notre Dame Cathedral" - V. Hugo
    • "The Tale of a Woman" - V. Vysotsky
    • “Kys” - T. Tolstaya
    • The Hobbit - J.R. R. Tolkien
    • "Doctor Zhivago" - B. Pasternak
    • “The Idiot” - F. Dostoevsky
    • “Spartacus” - R. Giovagnoli
    • “In a dream you cried bitterly” - Yu. Kazakov
    • “Three comrades” - Erich Maria Remarque
    • “Dragon” - E. Schwartz
    • The Razor's Edge - Somerset Maugham
    • “One Day of Ivan Denisovich” - A. Solzhenitsyn

    Please name a couple of books that you advise. Title, author and at least a few words that awaits inside. The works are only fiction (not applied and not business literature). And what has already settled down on the shelf - the book should be at least three years from the first edition. Again, something that you want your child to read when he grows up.

    For instance:
    • 1984 , Orwell - a totalitarian dystopia, a classic of the genre. He also has a wonderful "Farmyard".
    • We , Zamyatin, are our dystopias already in 1920.
    • Oh brave new world , Huxley is an anti-utopia through the exact opposite of totalitarianism.
    • 451 degrees Fahrenheit is another great dystopia. If you didn’t read it - it’s similar to the movie “Equilibrium”.
    • Doctorou's younger brother is a modern dystopia through communication control.
    • Bradbury Dandelion Wine - Breathe Out After Five Previous Books.

    Also popular now: