The experiment "Free knowledge"

    Good day, dear Khabrovchians! I propose to evaluate, participate and comment on the social-informational research project “Free Knowledge” developed by me. The project is implemented as a VKontakte application:

    The project's slogan is “Free knowledge is an encyclopedia that you do!” and it looks like Wikipedia. However, there are significant differences:

    1. Unlike Wikipedia, where there is an extensive article with many letters on almost every topic, one sentence is abstract here, with the best sentences at the top.
    2. If on Wikipedia any editing is checked by a moderator, then all users act as moderators here, voting for each proposal.
    3. And most importantly, the project is geared specifically to simply creating topics and adding information to them, unlike Wikipedia, where rare users take part in creating articles and editing them, and also know the markup language.

    Link to the application itself (open in a new tab).

    The experiment is to test the so-called “wisdom of the crowd” (the average value obtained from the set of opinions on evaluating something is more accurate than the value of any opinion from this set) and democracy. The project intentionally has complete freedom of action and the absence of any protection (unless, antimat). Roughly speaking, what will happen if we entrust humanity (and not the specialists responsible for it with the salary with the risk of losing it) any task?

    In the project, each user can search for information on any topic, add information on any topic (even invented by him), vote for the available information “True”, “False”, “Does not apply to the topic”, and also note the repetitions of “It was said earlier” , “Not Before”

    Please evaluate, participate and comment on the project. Maybe find out what errors or some suggestions for improvement.

    Future plans:

    1. Add formats for received information in the form of images and audio files (here I see a problem with copyright).
    2. Add a rating of participants to add information (taking into account the current results of users voting on the added information) and voting activity (a problem with thoughtless poking for the sake of rating or the profitability of voting following the fashion) with the ability to see the voting results with a certain positive rating and the table of participants with the highest rating.
    3. Create various services based on the information received (for example, a search engine or a smart chat bot).

    If there are still suggestions or possible solutions to the problems voiced, I will also be glad to see them in the comments. Thanks in advance!

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