We invite you to a lecture evening on game design on April 18 at VSBI

    On April 18, several lectures on game design will be held at once at the Higher School of Business Informatics of the Higher School of Economics HSE in Moscow. Lectures start at 19:00, picking guests from 18:30.
    Both the HSBI teachers and invited experts will speak, who will share their experience and knowledge on game design with the guests of the event.

    Location: st. Trifonovskaya, d. 57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya).

    Admission is free, but by appointment. You can register on the event page . Under the cutscene details about the lecture evening itself.

    How to get to work as a game designer

    Alexei Trushkov, director of the Moscow office of Playrix, brand evangelist.

    Alexey will tell you what kind of game designers there are, how they become and what you need to know, be able to and understand in order to get a job as a game designer.

    Profession of game designer: mathematics and art

    Sergey Gimelreikh, teacher of game mechanics at the Higher School of Computer Engineering, game designer, game producer.

    Empiricism and mathematics coexist perfectly in games, creating bizarre forms of interactive interaction between the player and the game environment framed by dramatic stories, sensory experiences and new experiences. But what is all the same primary - Mathematics or Art in the context of the work of the game designer on the game world? These and other issues that reveal the facets of the profession of game designer, we will consider in a new lecture by Sergei.

    The event will be interesting:

    • Game developers who want to understand how to create their own successful game project.
    • People interested in games and considering starting to work in the gaming industry.
    • Game designers and producers aiming to systematize their own knowledge and to explore new approaches to the methodology of game development.

    Start of registration: 18:30
    Start of the event: 19:00

    Venue: st. Trifonovskaya, d. 57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya).

    Age limit 18+

    Please bring an identification document with you. And do not forget to go ONLINE REGISTRATION!

    We remind you that today is the reception of documents on the seventh flow program "Management of game projects" . Training will begin in May 2018. An open day for this program will take place on April 25th . We invite you to apply for the program now!

    See you at our events.

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