Online Hackathon: Build Applications for SharePoint Online

    Hello, Habr! I want to share information about the online hackathon for specialists in the automation of business processes.

    Who organizes the competition

    The competition is held on the new specialized platform, and its organizer was the community of developers IzhDevCom, whose main goal is to improve the skills of IT specialists and provide opportunities for the development of technology startups.

    The terms of participation

    To participate in the contest, you need to develop an application for the SharePoint Online system from April 16 to 30. The main condition is that the project must solve real business problems. In the context of this competition, workflow automation or database search optimization is good, a weather widget is bad.

    To participate in the competition, you need to develop an application for SharePoint Online, and tell the details about it using the form on this page . You can send to the contest those applications that were previously developed for you, but have not yet been used "in production". At the first stage of the competition, an expert jury will select the most interesting projects - a short list will be published no later than May 10.

    The appraisal panel of judges included SharePoint experts, professional engineers, IT marketers, and the Habrahabr community.

    What will the finalists get

    The creators of truly useful applications will have the opportunity to get an interview at companies whose representatives are members of the IzhDevCom community. Finalists of the competition, whose work will be selected by the jury, will receive detailed comments on the pros and cons of their projects, as well as recommendations for further professional development.

    Participation in the online hackathon is free, you just need to send the competitive information using the form on this page .

    Waiting for your work!

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