Unblock Hackathon registration open April 6-8

    Hello, Habr!

    We have opened registration for the Unblock 48-hour blockchain hackathon and are pleased to invite developers and analysts to participate. The skill level is not important, the hackathon is open, participation is free. The desire to plunge headlong into blockchain development is welcome.

    The hackathon is conducted by the Binary District and Blockchain Institute R&D Lab with the assistance of Waves Platform, Ergo and EncryptoTel, which prepared difficult tasks for the participants. Tasks are based on cases from the practice of these companies and require non-trivial solutions. Mentors, experienced blockchain developers, will help teams in the process, and the jury, which will include Dmitry Meshkov , founder of Ergo Platform, Sergey Tolmachev , will evaluate the results., Scala Backend Blockchain Developer on the Waves Platform, and Vasily Harin , Blockchain Institute researcher. The jury is chaired by Oksana Klimenko , head of the Moscow R&D Lab Blockchain Institute.

    Why you need to participate in Unblock Hackathon:  

    • An impressive prize pool is provided for the winners (last year it amounted to $ 15,000)

    • The brightest and most talented will have the opportunity to receive an offer of cooperation. Last year, six winners received an invitation to work from partner companies.

    • One of the prizes is 5 places in the 9-week Blockchain Developer course , which is lectured by leading industry blockchain developers: Dmitry Meshkov (Ergo), Sergey Tolmachev (Waves Platform), Evgeny Alekseev (CryptoPro), Aler Denisov (SoundChain). Special guests also spoke at previous streams of the course: Zuko Wilcox, ZCash CEO, and one of the key Ethereum developers, Vlad Zamfir. About this course on Habré already in detail told , there is a set on the third stream.

    The hackathon starts on April 6 in Moscow at the Digital October center. You can participate both independently and with your team. If you register individually, the organizers will determine you as a team depending on the technology stack. On April 8, participants will present prepared solutions and the winners will be awarded.

    See you at the hackathon!

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