The clever form of Chinese schoolchildren helps reduce absenteeism

    Lessons skip not all, but many, and for some students the number of absenteeism may exceed any reasonable standards. This situation is typical for many countries of the world, but in some of them, effective measures to counteract truancy have been invented.

    One of these countries is China. Since 2016 they have been testing smart clothes for schoolchildren, which is equipped with a number of sensors. The form allows you not only to track the movement of the student at a time when he should be in the classroom, but also the time of his departure and arrival from school. Parents of students receive all available information about the movements of their children, and if something goes wrong, take action.

    Testing smart school uniform started in 2016 - then the Chinese government adopted a 13-year plan, which provided for the implementation of technological development activities in the country, as well as the improvement of education.

    The plan introduces pilot projects that provide an opportunity to significantly improve the quality of education using the latest technologies. This year, one of the schools in China launched a test system that allows you to monitor the behavior of schoolchildren, as well as monitor student involvement in the educational process.

    True, this system works based on the analysis of the video stream - it has already been written about on Habré. The cameras installed in the classroom constantly broadcast what is happening, and the software platform analyzes the behavior of individual students. If someone is distracted, they remind him that it is necessary to participate more actively in the educational process.

    In addition, China has launched another project that is being implemented at once in several schools from Guizhou and Guangxi-Zhuan provinces. This program is based on the analysis of data transmitted by a smart form. She tracks all student movements and passes this information to parents.

    In addition, a smart form, according to the manufacturer, allows you to detect a student if he is missing or just skips a lesson. Smart form in a special way interacts with students. If someone leaves the school at the wrong time without asking for the teacher’s permission, the student will be notified by voice.

    Another function of a smart form is waking sleeping students (in the event that someone casually snuggled up in a lesson). The developers claim that the form can “understand” whether the student fell asleep and, if so, wake him up (unfortunately, how exactly this is implemented is not specified).

    In the form of embedded chips that lead the history of purchases of students. This information is also transmitted to parents - yet, they understand what the schoolchild is buying and for what purpose. To realize this goal, the smart form was integrated with face recognition technology, so that the identification of the person has become much more accurate.

    Smart clothes for schoolchildren can be washed up to 500 times, the sensors can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.

    According to the Chinese government, the digitalization of education is a reliable means of improving the quality of education itself. The plans - the creation of specialized "smart" campuses.

    As for the cameras, China began to introducevideo surveillance system in schools a few months ago. Above the board there are three cameras that transmit the image to the server where the video information is processed. An AI-based software package is able to detect students who are distracted — for example, they look out the window, draw, or simply chat with their neighbor.

    In a normal situation, the teacher is not able to keep track of everyone, especially in a class where there are many students. But if computer technology comes into play, it is quite possible. In this case, the AI ​​can simultaneously control a large number of students, letting teachers know about those who are not too conscientious.

    Overall, the Chinese government hopes that all this will help increase the quality of education, helping teachers and students. Of course, there are those in the country and abroad who oppose the monitoring program for schoolchildren, but the opinion of these people has no special influence on the implementation of the program. Officials continue to implement what they see fit.

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