Lectures on JavaScript and Node.js in KPI

    100 lectures on programming in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute

    Comrades engineers, as promised in the announcement , half of the lectures (and this is 51) are already available for viewing on YouTubeand I will continue to record them in 2019. Some of them will need to be re-recorded, because in the first lectures the sound is not the best and because I still haven't done very simple topics. It was better to come up with complex and relevant topics that I myself am more interested in telling. I would not say that this is a course for beginners; rather, this is a course for those who already know the syntax. During this time, many suggestions have been received on how to improve the way of presenting the material: divide into shorter lectures, prepare tasks for practical development, record seminars and answers to students' questions, add analysis of a number of controversial and holivar topics to the program. But not all at once, I already devote a third of my life to this.

    Below are the topics of lectures with links, grouped by sections. The next 50 topics are already there and I will soon publish the schedule of lectures for 2019, but if anyone wants to request a topic, then offer in the comments.

    Survey Lectures

    Basic course (22 lectures)

    Asynchronous programming (9 lectures)

    Architecture and paradigms (7 lectures)

    Lectures on Node.js (11 lectures)

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