ICQ or Memento Mori *

    Remember icq? Everyone loved her at first, but then she began to walk her hands. From one investor to another, finally, to mail. And it is logical that it finally turned into ... How to say more softly. The obvious is unnecessary.

    How do you like that ?:


    It was necessary to write like this: “After years we fasten what is in Whatsapp and Telegram and finally kill third-party clients. Isn't it true we're cool? ”

    But this was not the end of the New Year tale from mail.ru. All users of official clients yesterday began to receive such messages to try to send a message to a contact:

    “Perhaps the attackers managed to gain access to your account. Please follow the link to unlock. icq-support.com/573743670/antispam?sc=37050623 "

    No messages were sent. That is, the lock is turned on. This text was a complete lie and bullshit, all this lies were directed to the mandatory input of a mobile phone number when clicking on the link. What is the most fun, smart, kind people at mail.ru guessed to use this domain for this: icq-support.com , which pulled 100% phishing!

    Here I must say that I haven't been using icq for 10 years already. All the fears of my friends about the loss of contacts even then I dropped as a kind of complex before the extra work of the mouse and the search engine. There was still no whatsapp and telegram, but there was a jabber, to which we began to move quietly. I do not even remember if there were any problems with someone telling me: come on icq! And I answered, come on in jabber, I don’t have ICQ. It seems there were no such problems. I do not remember something. Perhaps, with the most stubborn they were simply written off by mail. And finally messengers appeared.

    At the dawn of icq I was still in the presence of a “fashionable and popular company” they have a wonderful product: corporate “ICQ”. We used this icqcorp 0.9b for a long time back in the 90s, until we moved to jabber. What is not a super-business model for many years? They could also make a web service for online stores and other online consultants who were needed 10-15 years ago. Could not, in the end, shamelessly clone whatsapp ... by functionality by 2019 (!) ... And get involved in the race to be ahead of the curve, as Telegram did. In general, what to talk about. A good thing in the hands of a businessman-huckster turns into ... in gee-gee ...

    Before me, all this wonderful came beautifully from my wife, who is forced to deal with this at work. And it is logical that I first suspected phishing, then began to check the domain, it turned out that he was mailing, then checked icq via Pidgin on her computer, looked at whether the proxy or the left DNS was registered and finally I was convinced that This is a pure divorce on the phone number. That and turned up.

    This lock with the same lie about "possible intruders" began to work for all who had not yet entered their phone number in the mail. I do not mind entering the number, but I do not like when they lie. That's so brazen and blatant. And yes, hello comrade major!

    Memento mori - lat. Remember death (jest. "Moment at sea")

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