SALI is for you ~ programming language

Why another programming language?

This is not a programming language, or rather, it is not a programming language at all. SALI is an application writing language. A program, in the simplest case, is a sequence of commands that a computer executes sequentially. SALI is a language in which there are no functions, methods, loops, and generally no executable code, therefore it does not allow writing programs, but applications ...

To hell with intrigue, well under CUT.


The introduction is not intended at the beginning, so that it is clear that the author is used to thinking according to canons, but not standard. This is the first of a series of articles about how it feels to be God; how to create cross-platform, optimized applications, bypassing programming, using the SALI language. This article describes the history and reasons for creating SALI. In the second article, the syntax will be examined in detail, and in the third, it is planned to provide the reader with the opportunity to try out this crap of the new language.

By the way, the joke about God above is not quite a joke. At the end of the 2nd article of the cycle I will explain why. In the meantime ...

Some water in Kat Kat

I was already a student, I wrote “labs” and “kursachi” to fellow students and felt the growing potential of a TRUE programmer in the depths of myself, somewhere very deeply. This continued until one teacher, giving a lecture on the theory of automata, formulated a thesis that caused me cognitive dissonance and, in fact, laid the foundation for the formation of a new ideology for writing applications. This thesis was something like
Here you write the code, you think that you are creating a program, but in reality the result is a finite state machine.
“There is a blue electrical tape on you!” I thought, but later thought about why people design finite state machines using an intermediate link - programming? After all, any intermediary in the system reduces the resulting efficiency. In any case, with the conversion of energies it works ...


Years passed, I worked as a programmer, studied new technologies and techniques, algorithms and methods for solving applied problems, and gradually, projecting this onto the ideology of the future SALI, something rather attractive appeared, at least at first glance. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail, but one single idea was missing so that it all "went".
More recently, I delved into Bootstrap2 and it was there that my eureka was hiding. Later it turned out that a similar eureka of many years hovers in the bowels of Excel - recalculating the value of a cell according to the formula, when changing the value of another cell participating in the formula. Everything ingenious is simple, but I didn’t work deep enough with Excel or Bootstrap before, so I appreciated this EURECA, for which many thanks to the people who invented this thing.


If you, dear reader, are related to programming (otherwise you can skip this paragraph, in the next article everything will be chewed in detail) and you know / heard about associative arrays and their use as a container of configuration data used to initialize the application, then imagine that the key value is described by a mathematical formula, the arguments of which can be other elements of the array, with the built-in ability to set conditional calculations and this whole kitchen of dependencies (I like using use the word "correlation") is supported by the kernel during the whole time the application is running. If you succeed, it means that you have in a sense understood the SALI ideology.

Now a little patience, to study madly simple syntax and the World will become brighter (but this is not accurate). Patience is due to the fact that the moment of beta testing is postponed due to the need to earn on the main job.

Exclusively at your request, you can help speed up the release with your programming skills and / or hryvnia, dollar, euro, enoygood old donate (apparently it’s forbidden to beg here, so if someone really wants to, then I will try to restore webmoney or something else? and unsubscribe in the comments). In the meantime, those who are enthusiastic are considering the amount and relevance of donation, well to the second article from the cycle, the link to which will appear here as soon as I add it - towards the future (so that it doesn’t mean, but in some kind of advertisement it sounds pretty loud and even pathos). Thank you for your attention, to the hub.

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