ServiceNow Platform: Artificial Intelligence Automates Workflows

    ServiceNow will complement machine learning with its Now Platform product, designed to automate business processes, prevent potential customer downtime, redirect service requests, and evaluate IT performance. Image Matthew Hurst CC Artificial intelligence will be delivered through the upcoming Intelligent Automation Engine platform, which the company announced at the Knowledge Conference . According to company representatives, this decision will strengthen ServiceNow's position in the IT services management market and open the way to other parts of the corporate sphere.

    “Customer service and HR are amenable to automation,” said Allan Lainwold , Technical Director of ServiceNow. “But business spends a large amount of time solving typical, routine tasks, for example, requesting information about vacations to the personnel department.”

    The Intelligent Automation Engine algorithms are based on solutions from DxContinuum, acquired by ServiceNow and engaged in the development of machine learning technologies.

    New services will be aimed at solving the following problems:

    • Downtime prevention. Thanks to anomaly detection technology, the Intelligent Automation Engine determines patterns that are more likely to cause downtime. This feature will appear on the ServiceNow Jakarta platform, which will be released at the end of the year.

    • Classification and tracking of work. The function will classify tasks, choose the best methods for solving them and predict the likely results. Predictive analytics features will also appear.

    • Prediction of effectiveness. The algorithms will work with ServiceNow's Performance Analytics applications, which can track statistics in real time. They will help companies determine when they reach the set levels of performance (for example, support response time).

    In addition to the new features that will appear this year, ServiceNow announced the implementation of benchmarking in Benchmarks. For this, ServiceNow uses data provided by customers on an anonymous basis.

    Over the past year, ServiceNow has acquired several other companies (besides DxContinuum), including BrightPoint Security, an IT security provider and ITapp, a cloud management company.

    “When we buy a company, the first thing we do is rewrite its products for our platform,” says Dave Wright, ServiceNow Strategy Director. “This approach eliminates the mess with a bunch of poorly integrated products.”

    The company hopes that new technologies and machine learning will help business owners cope with the workload and the ever-increasing volume of data processed by cloud applications, as well as automate routine tasks.

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