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On May 17, at our Higher School of Economics, VR-TODAY, an exhibition and conference on virtual reality, will be held. On this happy note, we publish translations from the portal Upload VR on top games for HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift on our blog. Today we’ll talk about the top 9 games for Oculus Rift , translation under the cut. Given that it is the oculus that I have at home, this is the most interesting article for me. By the way, to all readers of the Habr, a 20% discount on tickets to the VR-Today conference using the habr promo code. And to all active participants of the hub with karma of 20 and above, I will be happy to give a ticket for free (write in a personal email for this).

We present to you 9 games that we consider to be undoubtedly the best among all that the post-Touch era of the oculus has to offer. But before we get started, a few caveats: Lucky's Tale and EVE: Valkyrie will not be added to our list because they were already bundled with most helmets from the beginning, although of course both of these games are good. And also we will not mention unpretentious free Farlands , First Contact and Oculus Dreamdeck .

The games on this list do not go in any special order, we recommend all of them equally. Well, let's get started!


This is a hardcore VR shooter for hardcore VR gamers. If you grew up playing games like Rainbow Six , Ghost Recon , SOCOM and other similar tactical military shooters, then you will feel at home in Onward . She has much more in common with these games in terms of a grueling team game than in terms of running and shooting, which can be found in modern shooters such as Call of Duty , and the whole game was created by one guy.

Starting from using your rifle with both hands and using the walkie-talkie on your shoulder, ending with pulling out a knife while sneaking up on your opponent, Onwardthe same visceral, realistic VR game that many people have been waiting for. A healthy and fun community makes this game really stand out for gamers among other VR titles.

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally officially supplants Project Cars from this list as the best racing for Rift. Do not get me wrong, Project Cars is beautiful and impressively exciting, but DiRT surpasses it with more severe gameplay, which blends perfectly with the unique benefits of a VR helmet.

Turns that make your knuckles whiten and second-by-second decisions in off-road DiRT Rally racesTransform perfectly into VR. Every second sharp turn or terrifying turn of the track is really felt inside the helmet. It makes you feel satisfied with each such difficult to achieve and exciting victory. Complete it all with a game steering wheel and get the recipe “How to Never See Your Children Again”.
And remember: don't cut it.

Superhot vr

Superhot VR is a clean, distilled injection of genuine adrenaline that will make your blood run through your veins just as fast as stopping time in a game. With each of your movements, time slowly creeps forward, and everything from level design to evading a series of bullets in slow motion was created to enhance the basic idea of ​​the game. From start to finish, it looks like a fantasy torn from any action movie, a real cacophony of visual and gameplay excitement.

This is one of the best titles available for Oculus Rift and Touch, and the Forever update makes this game even cooler by adding advanced game modes, more tests and challenges, and improved replayability.

The unspoken

Prior to The Unspoken, we were skeptical about how real-time online multiplayer would work with Oculus Rift. After The Unspoken, we found out the answer - it's super.

The Unspoken this year’s third game in the Insomniac trilogy VR . He puts you in sneakers, a scarf and a coat of a modern magician, trying to avoid the sinister intrigue in the dark streets of Chicago. Despite such a plot, The Unspoken is a fully online multiplayer game (with the exception of several limited offline training modes).

In the game you can choose one of 3 unique classes, customize many spells and artifacts, hone your skills on the battlefield. The unspokenaddictive and fun with the fantastic ability to use the new Touch controllers. When you spin the fireball or make the police car levitate, it all looks and feels quite natural and exciting on the new Oculus platform.

In addition, the search for the enemy takes place in a matter of seconds, not minutes, which was the main problem before the official launch of this game. Immerse yourself in the world, perfect your magic and find out if you have something that will give you the right to be called the greatest VR magician in the world.

Arizona sunshine

If you have ever sat with your friends and played: “How could we survive during the zombie apocalypse?”, Then Arizona Sunshine is the game for you. Its developer, Vertigo Games, takes you directly to the sun-scorched deserts of Arizona. Landscapes would be quite picturesque if they were not filled with legions of the undead.

Armed with only a handful of firearms, you'll need to scour the search for food, ammunition and shelter as you make your way through the infected area in search of a haven safe from the endless horde of zombies. Gameplay Arizona Sunshinesatisfying and giving an inside feel, the protagonist is superbly voiced, and history will make you feel the despair that is being aroused by the sensation of the end of the world.

Also in the game there are various difficulty modes that allow you to change the damage of the zombies and the degree of lack of ammunition. As the climax, there is an almost impassable “Apocalypse Mode” that will make you think seriously before each shot. The online horde mode is great for passing with friends, and the mechanics of shooting and reloading weapons will retain the feeling of your active involvement in your own survival.

In a market filled with zombie shooters, Arizona Sunshine is a cut above the rest of the games.

Robo recall

Once Epic Games had a small demo to show technical capabilities, called the Bullet Train , which was developed for the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. The game studio eventually took this idea and expanded it into a full-fledged game, which became free for everyone who bought Touch. It has a huge futuristic city that can be explored and tons of weapons that you can modify and improve as you improve combo hits and kill an infinite number of evil robots.

To retreat, tearing a bullet out of the air, and throwing it back at the enemies to see how their bodies are tearing to pieces, and their weapons fly right into your hands to shoot a nearby robot is simply unbelievable. Few games can make you feel as powerful as Robo Recall , and this is simply one of the most amazing and beautiful games in VR.

Edge of nowhere

Insomniac is one of the most prolific gaming studios of today, releasing hits such as Ratchet & Clank , Spyro , and Sunset Overdrive . Edge of Nowhere is the first Insomniac experience in the world of VR games and is one of the few Rift titles made by renowned AAA developer.

Edge of Nowhere is a third-person psychological thriller that will take you not only beyond the cold Arctic, but also your mental sanity too. Get ready to be scared, as well as an unforgettable VR experience during this game. It should not be missed.

Damaged core

In Damaged Core, you play as artificial intelligence, the task of which is to take possession of enemy robots and use their unique weapons and skills to defeat the evil "Core" in order to save humanity. I believe that this is almost a masterpiece, as well as the best of the games that I wrote about before. Despite the fact that the game requires a gamepad, the central mechanics of jumping on robots creates a deeper sense of freedom and immersion than most other similar games that I tried.

Add to this an incredible visual accompaniment, an addictive plot and interesting characters, and you will get the most holistic and impressive VR game on this or any other platform.

On this translation came to an end. Subscribe to our blog and read articles abouttop 9 games for Vive and top 9 for Sony VR . We can try live games and non-gaming capabilities of virtual reality with us on May 17 from 11:00 to 18:00. There will be testing of various VR devices, including Epson Moverio BT-300 augmented reality glasses, communication with developers of a virtual reality suit for complete immersion, showcases of VR projects, VR attractions, a VR cinema and a number of reports with practical VR implementation cases in various fields . For all readers of the Habr, we decided to make a 20% discount on the ticket. When registering, use the code “habr” in the field “how did you hear about the event”. And if you have more than 20 karma, then I will give you a ticket, write for this in PM.

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