Video of Product Management Meetup

    November 11, we spent in the office of Product Management Meetup. They talked about
    product analysis, scrum, ways of elegant monetization and the design department.

    Under the cut - share videos and presentations of speakers.

    "Building a" death star "product analytics." Dmitry Botanov Operations Director at Kolesa Group

    In his report, he talks about product analytics so that you want (and can!) Go and do something similar in your own. To calculate one and a half billion user actions per month Wheels have come a difficult way. There were real revelations and numerous rakes. And now we do not mind sharing the logbook of revelations and the map of the location of the rake.


    “How we started the transition to Scrum. For those who have heard, but shy. " Hasan Islamov Head of Product in Rakhmet

    Go to Scrum without training, using books and own practice. Constant improvement towards Hyde.


    "Ways of elegant monetization." Dmitry Komarovsky product manager of monetization in the Kolesa Group

    Even if you are called a monopolist and it seems that the potential for growth has been exhausted, you can always grow in profit. We will tell you by example how they offered a good solution to the users and earned it.


    "How to build a useful design department." Alexander Nagorny Product Director at Kolesa Group

    The designer in the product team is the person creating the product, not the artist. Literate UX is measured in numbers and we will figure out how to build a design department that works for business.


    We support the IT-community in Kazakhstan, therefore, from time to time we organize in the office meetings for developers, managers and data science. If you have an interesting report and you want to speak at our next meeting, write to

    Thanks to everyone who came to the Product Management Meetup and watched the video. Playlist mitapa - on our YouTube channel.

    See you again!

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