Go digest. Events, articles, interesting projects from the world of Go [March 1 - 14, 2017]

    For a long time there was no digest devoted to the Go language, and I decided to fill this gap.

    This issue lists the best articles in the past couple of weeks, interesting events and projects that deserve attention.

    Add your materials in the comments, as well as any comments and suggestions - I will try to take them into account in the next digest.

    News, Events

    - We are looking for speakers on Go meetup on April 14
    - The results of a user blog vote in 2016 (3,595 votes)
    - Roadmap for releasing the dependency management utility 'dep'


    - The story of one thick binary
    - Address Sanitizer, or What to do if valgrind does not work : about memory errors of applications on Go and tools for working with them
    - Generate Identicon in Go
    - Classification of text
    - Creating a one-page web application on Go, Echo and Vue
    - Developing a full-stack project on Go in a week
    - Guide to working with the gosensors library
    - Misusing error interface
    - Article about the year of using Go in the work of the development studio
    - Comparison of application performance in Python, Elixir and Go
    -Calling Go Functions from Other Languages : about calling the Go methods of your application from other languages. Examples are provided for C, Python, Ruby, Node, and Java.
    - Guide to working with Go method calls from LUA
    - Creating My First Web Application with Go
    - Plugging leaks in go memory management
    - An article about the experience of using dep in a piladb project
    - OpenGL & Go Tutorial
    - Flow To Go

    Interesting projects

    - A fuzzy search utility for the console
    - A console snippet manager
    - A small example of a Go web application
    - A minimal Linux system for running Go applications on Raspberry Pi 3
    - A utility for converting Docker Compose files to resources for Kubernetes
    - Go Performance Dashboard , a resource for publishing and analysis of their benchmark results
    - Implementation on Go of binding to the publishing service API Telegra.ph
    - Upspin - tools for global identification and file sharing
    - periph- library for working with various hardware (lower level than Gobot)
    - boilr - Utility that manages project templates (Docker, Electron, Kubernetes ...)
    - Jennifer - Go code generator
    - Engo - 2D game engine on Go
    - DigitalOcean client API
    - ctop - realtime monitoring of Docker containers


    - 36th edition of the Go time podcast (English) about dependencies in Go and the 'dep' utility
    - 37th edition of the Go time podcast (English) about the Gobot library and writing software for various pieces of hardware


    - Creating Golang WebServer With Echo - Part 4: Intro to Middlewares
    - Building high performance microservices with Kubernetes, Go, and gRPC
    - I recommend subscribing to Todd McLeod (English) - a lot of Go tutorials
    - And I recommend Failing Forward ( English)

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