In the source code of the PlayStation Classic files, dozens of game titles not from the main list and a hidden menu were found.

    On Habré several times already published news and articles about the portable console PlayStation Classic, which, as expected at Sony, will find its customers among the nostalgic gamers. Sony has reason to believe this, since the experience of Nintendo shows that there are millions of people who want to purchase the incarnation of old consoles.

    Sony announced that there are only 20 titles in the list of games of the new console, some of which are quite controversial. The other day, an analysis of the source files of the PlayStation Classic software showed that they have the names of other games, and not one and not two - there are dozens of them.

    How did the files fall into the hands of curious geeks? The console software platform is not proprietary, the company used open source software, which means it must comply with the requirements of the GNU General Public License. According to them, the source codes of many software components of the console were published in the public domain. In particular, these are files of a modified version of the PCSX ReARMed emulator that the company decided to use. Other files can be found here .

    The file with the titles “title.h” contains both titles that are included in the list announced by the company and games that have not been reported. These names are contained in the source code of the software components of both the “Western” version and the version for the Asian market:
    • Armored Core: Master of Arena ("ARMORED_CORE_MASTER_OF_ARENA")
    • Chocobo's Dungeon ("CHOCOBOS_JP")
    • Colin McRae Rally ("COLIN_MCRAE_RALLY_EU")
    • Crash Bandicoot ("CRASH_BANDICOOT_EU / US")
    • Crash Bandicoot 2 ("CRASH_BANDICOOT_2_EU / JPUS")
    • Toy Story 2 ("DISNEY_TOY_STORY_2_EU")
    • Devil Dice ("XI_EU") (Note: The XI, is available on the Japanese PlayStation Classic)
    • Driver ("DRIVER_EU / US")
    • Ehrgeiz ("EHRGEIZ_JP")
    • Fighting Force ("FIGHTING_FORCE_US")
    • Gran Turismo ("GRAN_TURISMO_EU / JP / US")
    • Grand Theft Auto 2 ("GRAND_THEFT_AUTO_2_EU / US")
    • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ("HARRY_POTTER_AND_THE_PHILOSOPHERS_STONE_EU")
    • Kagero ("KAGERO_JP")
    • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile ("KLONOA_DOOR_TO_PHANTAMILE_JP / US" [sic])
    • Kula World ("KULA_WORLD_EU")
    • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver ("LEGACY_OF_KAIN_SOUL_REAVER_EU / US")
    • Medal of Honor ("MEDAL_OF_HONOR_EU / US")
    • Medievil ("MEDIEVIL_EU / US")
    • Mega Man Legends ("MEGA_MAN_LEGENDS_EU / JP / US" [sic])
    • Mr. Driller G ("MR_DRILLER_G_JP")
    • Paca Paca Passion ("PACAPACA_PASSION_JP")
    • Parappa the Rapper ("PARAPPA_THE_RAPPER_US")
    • Parasite Eve ("PARASITE_EVE_DISC_1_US" and "PARASITE_EVE_DISC_2_US") (Note:
    • RayStorm ("RAY_STORM_JP")
    • Ridge Racer ("RIDGE_RACER_EU / JP / US")
    • Silent Hill ("SILENT_HILL_EU / JP / US")
    • Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol ("SPEC_OPS_STEALTH_PATROL_US")
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 ("STREET_FIGHTER_ALPHA_3_US")
    • Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha ("STREET_FIGHTER_EX_PLUS_EU / JP / US")
    • Suikoden ("SUIKODEN_EU / JP / US")
    • Tomb Raider ("TOMB_RAIDER_EU / JP / US")
    • Tomb Raider 2 ("TOMB_RAIDER_2_EU / JP / US")
    • Tomba ("TOMBA_JP / US")
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ("TONY_HAWK_SKATE_BOARDING_EU")
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 ("TONY_HAWKS_PRO_SKATER_2_EU / US)
    • Vagrant Story (VAGRANT_STORY_EU / US)
    • Wild Arms 2 ("WILD_ARMS_2_DISC_1_JP" and "WILD_ARMS_2_DISC_2_JP")
    • Xevious 3D / G + ("XEVIOUS_3D_G_JP")

    Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether this means the presence of hidden games in the console itself, or just the names that happened to be in the source code. It can be assumed that all these games were tested on the PlayStation Classic, after which the developers stopped at the previously mentioned twenty.

    It is difficult to say why the rest of the games were not selected. Perhaps this is due to the law / rights, maybe it was those games that "reached the final" worked perfectly on the console iron. Whatever it was, soon the system can be tested.

    And here is another surprise - one of the testers of the console found that some systems connected to the console, can open hidden menus. Additional features in these menus include emulation of CRT screens, the ability to skip frames, fps demonstration, the ability to change the region, and others.

    As it turned out after the checks, the menu is activated when some USB keyboards are connected, including devices from companies such as Corsair and Logitech. It may well be that the matter is in the keyboards themselves. For example, one of them made it possible to turn off the console by pressing the Sleep key on the keyboard itself. None of the other models of this effect did not.

    Anyway, one can hope that after the console is released, the craftsmen will be able to modify the firmware, as well as add the necessary games - this is exactly what happened with the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini from Nintendo.

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