New 2GIS - connect to public testing


    We have made a new online version of 2GIS and are starting its public testing. In short, we rewrote the map from raster to vector, left separate cities for a seamless world map and reworked the interface. The new version is available on .

    WebGL Card

    The most important change is the new map. 2GIS in the browser has always worked on the basis of the raster - the whole world fought at several levels of scale, each of which is divided into equal squares. The result was a pyramid of tiles covering the whole world.

    Now our map has become vector and truly three-dimensional. It is a single object, it can be rotated and tilted. Animation and navigation on the map became as smooth as possible, the data is dynamic, and the sights are traced in the smallest details.

    Vector map in the browser - a rarity. Among the popular map services of Russia, only the 2GIS map allows you to rotate and tilt it in the browser: it is not only beautiful, but also convenient. The entrance to the business center is easier to find if you fly around the building, and the barrier in a residential area will not be a surprise if you look in advance at the courtyard from the right angle.

    From a technological point of view, the new map is interesting and complex in that it actually works on the graphics processor of the device - a computer or a phone, while it is not a separate application, but everything happens right in the browser. This is customary for gaming applications, but not for reference products.

    Scaling information

    In addition to the transition to WebGL, we updated the map colors and informational content at each level of approximation: when you look at the city, you can see the key objects, and when approaching areas, more details are available. This approach protects the user from irrelevant information.

    Without Borders

    2GIS has always been a reference book and a map of cities. To search for objects in two different regions, it was necessary to open two tabs. Now we show the information, not limiting ourselves to the city limits. In the new version, users will be able to study the map, houses and organizations throughout Russia.

    The space outside the settlements is now full - there are not only cafes, hotels and gas stations, but also roads, forests and ponds. On the way - the same cards for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. In 2019, navigation between cities and full coverage in mobile applications will work.

    New interface

    In products 2GIS expands the functionality and increases the amount of data. It is not always possible to fit them into an existing interface. Therefore, the interface of the entire product has been updated along with the map - it has become more accent and balanced. We wanted to make the new design as simple and predictable as possible - no matter where the user clicks, they need to understand what happened and how to get back.

    Done is better than perfect

    On a test version of 2GIS is now available. It works on devices with large screens - PCs and laptops, and does not work in mobile phones yet. In the beta version there are not all scenarios: there is no search for directions, you cannot log in, add a photo or review. These and other features will appear in 2019, when the new 2GIS will be released on all platforms and devices.

    Technical details

    We are preparing technical articles on the implementation of the new 2GIS. While you are waiting, join the live broadcast of tomorrow's Frontend DevDay - we will tell you about the insides of the map on WebGL and the formation of a dream team to work on the updated interface. Start at 15:00 Moscow time.

    PS While viewing a video, do not forget to leave feedback in the bottom right corner of the screen to .

    Share your impressions, we are very interested!

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