How to create an informative, but convenient corporate website?

We share our experience in creating a high-tech website. The large construction company Mizol turned to WebProduction with the task of creating a corporate website. Mizol in the Ukrainian market since 1994. On the account of 900 000 projects. To create a site that meets the requirements and goals of the customer had to work hard.

Concept development

At the starting stages, you need to clearly define the goals and concept of the site. It is useful for understanding the client and customer to pick up examples of other sites that will serve as a model.

When the concept of the site was outlined in general terms, everything else: the look, the content, the structure - quickly began to emerge. 

A number of design, layout tasks were completed. Direct work on the site has begun. And then the first turn happened ...

Force Majeure

The project manager has changed. From experience, such changes often lead to bad consequences and strongly throw the project back. This can be compared with the design of the car - a new designer comes with his vision and begins to change everything in his own way.

This happened in our case, but it allowed us to look at the project in a new way. The second engineer looked at the drawings of the first and improved them.

How to turn visitors into buyers?

To begin with, it is important to determine the target audience of site visitors and the goals of their visit to the site. Based on this, you can choose the best tools for achieving high conversion.

When creating a site for Mizol, different methods were used. The “Materials” tab is in the first place and the interested buyer immediately sees what he is looking for - materials structured by manufacturers.

For site visitors who choose and are not yet sure of their decision, there is a comprehensive portfolio:

  • projects where the product was used;
  • Conveniently implemented detailed presentation of products: description, photos, answers to frequently asked questions, real examples of the use of materials and expert opinions;
  • descriptions of successful projects and open insider information. Mizol does not openly tell what others are afraid to tell: technologies, methods, etc. It deserves respect and gains the trust of customers;
  • drawings of real building solutions that impress with their simplicity and effectiveness. Rate this can only visitors - specialists.

Attention to details

Each detail was worked out for a long time and carefully. It was not easy to make a concise website and conveniently arrange information about the company, about materials, projects, conditions of cooperation, as well as contact information of all company offices and its blog. I had to try a lot of different options before approaching the plan.

In addition to all of the above, it was decided to introduce the module of personal accounts of the client. This functionality is very relevant today and is appreciated by customers. It gives you the opportunity to send requests at any time and track their status, see the balance, place an order and receive up-to-date information about all orders and interactions without the manager’s calls.

We have been working on the Mizol project for over a year! In total, more than 3,500 tasks were done! For large projects, the norm is usually around 800.

Corporate Website Tips

  • Analyze the market situation, evaluate the prospects for the development of the company for the foreseeable future. Decide what tasks your site will solve;
  • Make a website focused on your customers, and not for image or fashion trends. It is necessary to form a clear idea of ​​who your customers are and what they need;
  • A first look at the site should give an understanding of what products and services your company provides. Today, people value their time and it is unlikely that anyone will read a voluminous text about the company, and consider the director’s photo on the main page and read his greeting. The bottom line is first;
  • Take into account the fact that materials copied from other resources can adversely affect the site promotion in search results. Generate unique content!
  • On the finished site, do not make colorful elements and texts, blinking headings. Do not turn the site into a Christmas tree - this may alienate visitors.
  • Improve your site and do not expect instant returns from it. Do not contact “specialists” who advertise rapid promotion, etc. Try different channels and invest in the most effective ones.
  • Be patient :) You will succeed.

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